Lynn-Manuel Miranda urges people to “feel the vibration” at Anthony Ramosos’ cinema

Outside the United Palace Theater in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood, not just a blazing sun and a yellow carpet glowing with 90-degree temperatures, but a collection of actors and filmmakers to bring back to what they believe to be the ideal movie-movie experience : in height.

Leading director Anthony Ramos said, “I think we made this movie for theaters.” Hollywood reporter. “That was the goal; So that people can sit in a theater to feel this music, to feel the vibrations of this huge dance number and this musical number and to feel the scenery in a very spectacular and big way – on the big screen.

Lynn-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and produced the character Ramos on Broadway, agreed: “It somehow feels right, including the musical. For example, you can watch it at home and you’ll enjoy the movie, but man, if you go with the actors from your school or you go with your family.”

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“I’ll tell you what people told me when they came to see me,” Miranda added. “I’ve met a lot of people who wanted to say I was ‘on a date,’ but I would bring my mother,’ or ‘I brought my mother, but I had my girlfriend with me. He was from the suburbs. Which Kind of an experience I think it’s a movie about the power of a community and I think it’s the best as a community experience. “

The focus is on capturing the authentic origin of a particular community in height – The working-class residents of the predominantly Latin neighborhood of Washington Heights – Director John M. Chu was a top priority from the start, he explained. THR.

“We wanted to get the neighborhood involved,” Chu said. “We definitely wanted to shoot around and I want to use a lot of the people around us. In fact, the closing credits are photos of people who live nearby. At one point I really wanted to show what the people who live here look like. “

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Blocking the actual street where Miranda grew up naturally made her emotional. As Hamilton Mastermind told it: “I cried every day because of the different chodas.”

One particularly touching moment came when Miranda put her character in front of her eyes, who would be known simply as “Paraguay Guy”.

“Our brilliant production designer Nelson Coates saved things I never even dreamed of,” recalls Miranda. “She discovered – I must have tweeted it at some point – a doodle in height What I did in my astronomy notebook My second year in college. I was just drawing the title, and I haven’t written the show yet. He placed that doodle next to my Paraguayan cart. ”

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While Miranda had several of these full-circle moments, Ramos said he was looking to the future — more precisely, to the next creative.

“I hope I’ve seen these characters in a movie – especially when everyone is together like this – but I’m happy to say it’s happy now.” THR. “And I hope Latino kids around the world can see this photo and say, ‘Wow, this guy reminds me of my aunt.’ “That person reminded me of my cousin. ‘That person reminds me of my father, my mother.” “And maybe I could! I can someday. Maybe if those people can do it, I can too.”

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