Mia Khalifa On Sarde After Dinner With Medea & Mouin - Full Interview

September 27, 2020, In the latest Sarde (After Dinner) episode, Mia Khalifa tells about her past. Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American influencer with 48M fans across many platforms, sports commentator, entrepreneur, activist and former pornographic actress. She has been one of the loudest voices of support for the victims of the August 4th Blast in her hometown of Beirut. Watch out Mia Khalifa On Sarde After Dinner With Medea and Mouin Full Interview Episode.

Watch The Full Episode Of Mia Khalifa Sarde After Dinner With Medea And Mouin, September 27, 2020

Mia Khalifa on Sarde (After Dinner) With Medea & Mouin

In the Mia Khalifa Episode of Serde After Dinner they talked about Lebanon and where was Mia on August 4th 2020, during the Beirut Blast? Also talked about resentment towards people that were unaffected from the Beirut Blast.

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Why Mia entered the porn industry and pioneered the Hijab Porn Genre and her legacy?

The invite video went on the following topics as Mia’s tumultuous relationship, The story behind Mia’s Lebanese Forces tattoo, The story behind the Lebanese Priest in Melbourne & Mia’s thoughts on Samir Geagea, Why Mia entered the porn industry and pioneered the Hijab Porn Genre and her legacy, Will Mia come to Lebanon after COVID19? Where would she go? Can she even go back to her home country?

Mia was getting emotional when Medea told her about the newfound fans she has gathered since the Beirut blast and how they’re mostly Lebanese women & “The Revolution is Female”

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Teenagers, Virginity and Sex Education!

They also talked on advocating for women’s rights in the adults films industry & the rise of Feminist porn, Teenagers, virginity and sex education in the invite talk video.

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The video ends with an answer of haters calling Mia Khalifa a “clout-chaser” and her last words.

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Mia Khalifa After Dinner: This was an emotional day, and I’m so happy

Mia Khalifa After Dinner with Medea & Mouin, gave a big thank you to both of them for having a wonderful day, in an Instagram video post wrote in captions, "Thank you, Medeaazouri and Mouin Jaber for having me on 'Sarde after dinner' to talk about the things most important to me. This was an emotional day, and I’m so happy to say I feel like I walked away with two new friends and a closer connection to my birthplace and childhood home than ever before."

"Although I never lost touch my Lebanese roots, in fact, I feel like as I’ve gotten older and grown into myself, I’ve nurtured them more; this conversation left me feeling validated in my heritage. Imposter syndrome can be crippling when you’re kinda whitewashed and can’t read or write, and have a few misspelled tattoos," furthermore she added words.

Mousin Ali Jaber: Mia, You’re a goddamn patriot I’m proud to call a friend

While Mouin Ali Jaber said in a social media Instagram post, "We live in a world where a Lebanese ex-adult film actress who was shunned by her country goes above and beyond to support the victims of the Beirut 4th Blast, while those that we have elected in the office to represent us shoot us with live rounds in the streets as we protest to live in dignity. Mia, it was an honor having you on @sardeafterdinner. Your activism, courage and support of the Lebanese people is inspiring. You’re a goddamn patriot I’m proud to call a friend."

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"Thank you for sharing Mia, I hope your courage in telling your story will give others the courage to get out of toxic relationships and free themselves once and for all." -- more he said in his Insta Post.

Medea After Dinner: Mia, We hope to see You soon when you’re back in Lebanon!

Medeaazouri after dinner with Mia Khalifa said, "We spoke about so many things including feminist porn, women’s rights to their bodies and doing whatever the hell they want with it. It was powerful and emotional. We hope to see you soon when you’re back in Lebanon!"

Furthermore, she added in her words, "Mia Khalifa is a free young woman who has unconditional love for her country of origin. she endured a lot of hate because of her past, but now she is met with overwhelming support from Lebanese women after her relentless activism."

Mia Khalifa: There Has Been No Accountability Taken, No investigation, And No Resources implemented by the Lebanon state

Beirut Lebanon Blast, which was held in the city Beirut, Mia has created fundraisers and gave so much donation for helping her country people. She said in her tweet about it, "It’s been two months since the explosion and there has been no accountability taken, no investigation, and no resources implemented by the state. I’m sorry it took this long, @RedCrossLebanon , but this money is getting to you no matter what it does to my credit score."

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