Saweetie And Hidden Valley Ranch Launch A Tasty Crocs Collaboration

Saweetie And Hidden Valley Ranch Launch A Tasty Crocs Collaboration

Forget carrots and celery — rapper Saweetie (28) has something more fun to dip into her favorite salad dressing: Crocs. On Thursday, Hidden Valley and the “Icy” rapper Saweetie announced the launch of their collaboration with the footwear company, which includes a cream-colored clog with green flecks to resemble the ranch condiment.

An accompanying nine-piece Jibbitz charm collection draws inspiration from dippable foods like chicken wings, pizza, veggies and even a taco. There’s even a tiny bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch for an added dollop of fun.

If this sparks your appetite, get ready, as Crocs’ recently collaborations with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Post Malone and Bad Bunny have all sold out immediately. And Saweetie’s collab with Hidden Valley will be even harder for fans to get their hands on, as the limited-edition collection will only be available for purchase online through a drawing system.

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Fans can visit from Sept. 16 at 2 p.m. ET until Sept. 20 at 12 p.m. ET to enter for a chance to purchase the $69.99 clogs, with limited quantities available.

Hidden Valley x Saweetie Crocs
Saweetie’s Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs include Jibbitz in the shape of tacos, pizza, chicken wings and more dippable snacks. Credit: Crocs

What’s missing from the Jibbitz selection is a tiny plate of spaghetti, as true Saweetie fans will remember the star’s tweet on March 1 that showed her pouring ranch dressing on a plate of the pasta, to the horror of her Twitter followers.

And this isn’t Saweetie’s first foodie collaboration; she’s also created a special “Saweetie Meal” for McDonald’s
, although there’s no word on whether she dips her burger and fries in ranch or not.

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