Singer Mika Singh and Chahatt Khanna Love Dating in Quarantine? Or Rumors?

Singers Mika Singh and Chahatt Khanna Love Dating in Quarantine Or Rumors

Bollywood Stories - Singers Mika Singh and Chahatt Khanna can be seen together on social media, tagging each other in love status. Are they really love Dating in Quarantine? Or is it just some Rumors? What's the story behind it?

Singer Mika Singh and Chahatt Khanna Love Dating in Quarantine

Recently, actress Chahatt Khanna came into the discussion about her personal life. After the photo of her and Mika surfaced on social media, many things were started to appear. Sharing these photos, Chahatt wrote that "Twining with Mika Singh". While there, she wrote that #quarantine love #love. After this, Chahatt talked about these photos.

Speaking to Bollywood Spy, Chah at said, " People have eaten my mind. People are saying don't date her. Broke our hearts." She said that the reactions of many fans also came on social media, in which she says -- "I and Mika look good together." Chahatt said that after reading all these she was laughing a lot with her friends.

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Mika And Chahatt Khanna Quarantine Love Song

Chahatt and Mika's Quarantine Love Song is about to release soon and they told that this song has been shot at Mika's house. She said, 'We have all the shots at home. We are both neighbors. Both of us together have talked on the phone. She said that people do not know that I was promoting the song. People are thinking that we are dating but that was just promotion.

Chahatt told that many people unfollowed him because they felt Chahat and Mika are in a relationship. Chahatt further said -- " I do not know what trouble people have with Mika. He is quite good We both had a lot of fun during the shoot. We both shot the song for two days."

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Photo: Chahatt Khanna

At the same time, let us tell you that Chahat has been continuously posting some pictures on social media. She had previously shared photos with Mika. In them, she was playing piano with Mika.

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