Throwback: When Johnny Lever Used to Spend His Life by Selling Pens, Lived In Slums

When Johnny Lever Used to Spend His Life by Selling Pens, Lived In Slums

Throwback: Who doesn't know Johnny Lever? He is the one uncrowned king of Bollywood comedy industry today. Hardly anyone else can take his place. Bollywood films will hardly contain films in which he has not played any role. And nowadays, in all the movies, consider Johnny Lever's role as one. While talking about Johnny Lever's past, but Johny has spent his life very difficult. He used to sell pens in Mumbai. You might be wondering to know his real name is not Johny Lever. Let's know more about him.

Johnny Lever Throwback Journey

Johnny Lever, " I used to laugh for people, but laughter was far away from me. It is not necessary that someone will be happy with the name of wealth fame. There is no use when you do not get peace after getting everything. The same thing has been happening in my life. I, Johny Lever, My real name is John Roa."

Johny Lever Childhood spent in Slums

" I am from Andra Pradesh state, my father and mother came to Mumbai long ago. I lived in Matunga in Dharavi in Mumbai then shifted to King Circle at age 10. I used to live in slums where there was water in the house during the rainy days and water used to come to the knees."

" When we were all children, used to sit on small cots (Beds). After salvaging the house, we used to throw the water out by bucket because the house was full of water. And I took a small bowl because the water was dripping from the top, so I tried to catch the drops of water for just time pass. "

Johny loved Copying people from Childhood, Sold Pens

Johny said he has been really loved copying people since childhood and people loved it. He also used to do dance programs. He told, " While doing this, I started selling pens, in 3-4 months I sold pens with my Sindhi friend. The friend said, why don't you do the business of selling pens, why you keep wandering around here and there. So I started selling pen. "

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When he was 15–14 years old, he tried to copy the voice of the actors and used to sell pens to their voices. While doing this, when he was 14 years old, he started to stand on the stage, started Mimic's programs.

How John Rao Became Johnny Lever?

At 14 years old age, Johnny started working with his father. Johny's father used to work in Hindustan Lever, so also he also started working there And he did the job for 6 years. He also used to do programs and got the name of a lever, so he became Johnny Lever from John Rao.

Throwback of Johny Lever First Film in 1970

Talking about the journey of the movie, Johny Lever told that he had a chance into films in 1970 when he was sitting with Kalyaan Ji, then a Chennai's producer came and said that a small comedian is needed for 3-4 days. So Kalyan ji told him to take Johny, then he got the first break in Chennai by going to that film.

More talking about it, Johny told, " I was very scared and had to face the camera for the first time. I was so scared that I got a fever in the night. And the next day when I was on the shoot, I was th inking of catching Train, but somehow I completed that work. The name of that film was "Yeh Rishta Naa Tute


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" And from the date, my relationship with films has not broken. I got a place in industry after Baazigar film. The industry said accept me, said, yes man! he works too."

" We make mistakes and learn from our mistakes, but the thing is knowing the mistake. "

He also said that 10 years in between he did not work. There was no income but there was a lot of peace. His wife said to him 'You do not earn, yet how happy we are, we are enjoying life.'

So Whether you use talent in good work or in bad works, it depends on you only.

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