TikTok Star Nisha Guragain Sex Video, Nisha Clarifies About Viral MMS Video

TikTok Star Nisha Guragain Sex Video, Nisha Clarifies About Viral MMS Video
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Nisha Guragain Sex Video: Big news has been revealed about TikTok star Nisha Guragain, who is among the top 5 Tiktok stars in India. There is a pornographic MMS of her becoming increasingly viral over social media. However, Nisha has clarified that the girl seen in the video was her but it was shared on social media by mistake. At the same time, whoever has leaked this video viral, has warned to take legal action against him.

Photos: Nisha Guragain (Instagram)

TikTok Star Nisha Guragain Sex Viral Video

Basically Nisha Guragain and her boyfriend “Ramjaan” has done sex some night and that accordingly to Nisha statement, the video was mistakenly uploaded as Snapchat Story. Someone downloaded that video and make it viral over social media.

Photos: Nisha Guragain (Instagram)

In this copy, Nisha has told the police that the video belongs to those who do not know who has gone viral. All these things are yet to be confirmed. Until Nisha will not give any official statement in this matter, so nothing can be said.

Photos: Nisha Guragain (Instagram)

It is so bad for any girl, who is popular, or social media influencer and her MMS got leaked on social media. But it is also thinkable that why people make their own MMS videos and saves it on phone, or shares it sometimes for publicity, and then start given statements that they are not her or it was a mistake.

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Another TikTok Star Siya Kakkar Committed Suicide

It is noteworthy that Tiktok star Siya Kakkar also committed suicide on Thursday, 25 June 2020. Many kinds of questions are arising regarding death. At the same time, Sex MMS in the name of another TechTalker has been stirred due to going viral on social media.

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