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A New York City television meteorologist was fired after an anonymous user posted nude screenshots of an online video chat with his boss and mother, court documents obtained by The Daily Beast show.

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Two-time Emmy nominee Eric Adams, who recently died after nearly four years as a New York meteorologist, is now asking a Manhattan judge to coerce Internet forum owners. 4 Media, Inc. Learn and dive into the NSFW Leaker Career.

The website itself is not set up in Adam’s repository. However, a website called advises users to “buy an LPSG subscription and show it on your statement as Media Unit 4”.

LPSG, which stands for “Large P3nis Support Group,” has been described as “the most exciting, amazing, and amazing adult community” on the Internet.

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The Daily Beast contacted Adam Monday morning for comment. On Monday afternoon, he posted on Instagram, telling viewers and fans, “I want to take this opportunity to share my truth rather than letting other people control my Rice story.

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Although I am a public figure, appearing on television in the nation’s largest market and in front of millions of people every week for more than a decade and a half, I secretly use an adult camera.

Adam continued: I was on the website. “On this site, when I’m at home, I do mandatory work, like camera work for other people. It’s 100% okay for all of us. I’m not getting paid for this and I’m a fool to think I can keep this guy. But my employer knew I was fired.

A TV Weather Presenter Was Fired After Someone Sent His Employer Nude Images

Through the email, NY1 Pagi declined to comment on one Adame presenter and presented the Daily Beast to attorney Jeremy Klausner. During the day on Monday, Krausner did not respond to some emails and voicemails seeking comments. A spokesperson for Charter Communications, NY1’s parent company, declined to comment or provide the correct date for Adame’s termination.

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“The weather is unpredictable and I’m happy to make sure you’re prepared for whatever happens,” — Adam said on his personal website. “I have been awarded not only an interesting but understandable weather history. My accuracy is as good as getting a good message.

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On Monday the public showed Adam’s disappearance without explanation. “What happened to Eric Adam?” asked a sad-looking Twitter user.

Adame’s problem is that by the end of 2021 he will be using Unit 4’s “video chat service” and an anonymous user “accidentally copies his stripped-down photo” and “takes a screenshot”.

This can be traced back to a file showing that the anonymous user has multiple accounts with the same username: Prehon Sonal, Tomisize29, Funtimes99 and Landnboy227.

The petition states that the user’s sharing of images with Adam’s mother and the employer is “dishonest” and “disrupts his work” “with the intent to harass, harass or intimidate him”. Have. As a result, Adam was fired from his employer. “Anonymous knows [Adam] has every right to hope the image remains private.” “Annam posted the photos without [Adam’s consent].”

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The petition claims that Adam wanted to take legal action against his anonymous signatories, but he was unable to do so without information to identify them.

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According to the filing, Media Unit 4 has no records that identify users, such as “user-provided information and IP addresses”.

Collecting and posting user content without verification violates our Customer Service Policy and community rules, which could result in the suspension or ban of offensive accounts, Lawrence told The Daily Beast in an email. Walters, media attorney for Unit 4 and LPSG.

Adam is not the first TV weather watcher to be harassed for nude photos. In 2006, Jimmy Sington, a meteorologist at NBC’s WSLS-TV in Virginia, was fired after a photo of a naked man leaving the bathroom appeared on his MySpace feed for others to see.

In his statement, Adams apologized to employers, colleagues, the public, family, and friends “for the embarrassment or humiliation I have caused you” and said he was seeking professional help.

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“As a public figure, I recognize that I have responsibilities that come with the position I enjoy,” continued Adam. “But let me make one thing clear: I’m not apologizing for being gay or sexually positive.”

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“So now is the time to send your message to potential employers: “Please rate hundreds of hours of TV.”

Think about your editorial management: have you ignored, condoned, or ignored them? After all, it’s your job to fully recognize all your talents with our human textiles and antiques.

“One thing I can promise you: I teach and imitate staff, and I am the most brilliant and passionate meteorologist you will ever see.”

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