Balrampur Gang-Rape Latest News: Dead At 9:30 PM, Cremated At 10 PM

Balrampur Gang-Rape Latest News Dead At Nine Thirty PM, Cremated At Ten PM
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Manisha Valmiki Hathras Gang-Rape And Now In Balrampur, Dalit College Student Rape Case in Uttar Pradesh: When we all demanding justice for Manisha. Another Heart Wrenching news is coming from Balrampur, A Girl has been Gangraped & She has passed away. She was dead on September 30 night at 9:20 Pm and her cremated made so early in just half-hour later at 10 PM in the midnight without the presence of family member again likewise happened with Manisha Valmiki case.

After Hathras Horror, now once again a Rape-case in UP’s Balrampur! Along with drug-injecting gang-rape, a 22-year-old Dalit college girl student’s waist was broken, her legs were broken and along with that, the hope of every daughter of the state was also broken.

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There is news of inhumane rape with Dalit girl in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh. The girl died after a brutal rape. Hathras Manisha Valmiki Update: Yogi Adityanath Speaks With PM Modi, Strict Action Should Be Taken Against The Culprits

 Another 22-Yr Old Dalit Girl Gang-Raped And Murdered in Balrampur, UP. Police have arrested two accused boys names, Habidullah and his friend Hamimulla after gang rape with the girl. As per reports they were four men who have done this cruel work.

Likewise in the Manisha Valmiki case, her body was cremated without the appearance of family members, similarly, as Balrampur gangrape victim died at 9:30 pm, she was cremated till 10:30 pm on September 30 night.

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“After Hathras, now Balrampur, tomorrow will be your district, day after tomorrow your village and someday your home. How long will you sit silent? How will you feel when you have no luck till the funeral of your daughter? When will the government issue a rate card? When will the Spaniards defend the government? When trolls ask you questions, question your intentions? Wake up!!” — Rohini Singh stated in her statement via Twitter.

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My hands are trembling while writing this tweet. I am shocked by the sorrow, anger and anger. Now in Balrampur, there has been a terrible incident from Hathras. A girl child of a Dalit society was gang-raped. Both legs were broken. The waist was broken. Lethal injection injected into the mouth. And then murdered.” — Brajesh Misra, Online Journalist Of Bharat Samachar TV News

What is happening to the country? All those who wish justice for women should stand up & raise their voices against the rapists & their protectors in Hathras and Balrampur!

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