China, Bayannur: Suspicious Case of Bubonic Plague Arrived, Alert Issued

China, Bayannur Suspicious Case of Bubonic Plague Arrived, Alert Issued

China, Bayannur Alert | An alert has been issued after a suspected case of Bubonic Plague surfaced in a city in northern China on Sunday (5 July). The government media here gave this information. According to the news of the Government People's Daily Online, the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, Bayannur issued a third level warning for the prevention and control of plague.

A suspected case of bubonic plague came to light at a hospital in Bayannur on Saturday (July 4). The local health authority announced that the warning would continue until the end of 2020.

The local health authority said, "There is a danger of human plague epidemic in the city at this time. The public should increase awareness and capacity for self-defence and be given immediate information about unusual health conditions. "

The official Xinhua news agency said on July 1 that two suspected cases of bubonic plague were reported in Khod province in West Mongolia, confirmed by laboratory investigations.

There is a shortage of coronavirus cases in Beijing: China

At the same time, eight new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in China and Chinese authorities say that cases of infection are decreasing in Beijing. Two new infections have been reported in Beijing.

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Less than 10 cases have been reported in the country's capital for the last seven days. The administration confirmed 334 cases of infection in the city three weeks ago, the highest number of infection cases in the country since March.

A spokesman for the Beijing government, Shu Hejian, said at a press conference that --- the situation was under control and was steadily improving. Six new cases have been reported outside Beijing. These six people have returned from abroad. Three patients have been found in Gansu province. There were a total of 83,553 cases of coronavirus in China, of which 4,634 people have died. These do not include those who have been found to be infected with the coronavirus but have no signs of infection.

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