China Shows Its First Coronavirus Vaccine To The Front Of The World

China Shows Its First Coronavirus Vaccine To The Front Of The World

China Coronavirus Vaccine | China has introduced the first home-grown vaccine of Coronavirus in front of the world. Chinese company "SINOVAC Biotech -Sinopharm" has prepared it. At the moment it has not been launched in the market but manufacturers are hopefully will be launch in the market by the end of this year after the completion of the Phase 3 trial.


  • China introduced its Coronavirus vaccine
  • Can be launched by the end of the year
  • SINOVAC Biotech-Sinopharm is making the vaccine

The representative of SINOVAC said that the company has already completed the construction of the factory for the manufacture of the vaccine. 300 million doses can be produced every year in this factory.

It was demonstrated at the Trade Fair on Monday, September 7, where people were seen taking information about it. China is facing severe criticism worldwide for dealing with Corona, which is why it is busy preparing the vaccine as soon as possible.

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In May, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared to make any potential vaccine developed by China in the global industry. In the exhibition, 10 potential vaccines from around the world are ready to enter the Phase III trials. Once they are found right, they will get recognition from the authority. At this time, most countries are trying to recover from the virus and to repair the economy.

Sinoform said -- It estimates antibodies between one and three years, although the final results will be known only after tests. China's Global Times said last month that the vaccine would not cost much. According to the report, the price of two doses can be 1000 Yuan ($ 146 dollars i.e. about 11 thousand rupees).

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Let me tell you that the first case of the corona was reported in Wuhan city of China.

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