Corona Live In The World: Now You Will Be Able To Know The Infection in 20 Minutes With Blood Test

दुनिया में कोरोना Live: अब ब्लड टेस्ट से 20 मिनट में संक्रमण का कर सकेंगे पता

New Delhi | WORLD COVID LIVE | The World Health Organization (WHO) warning seems to be true. On Thursday, around 250K cases of coronavirus have been reported worldwide, after which the total cases have increased to more than 1 crore 39 lakh. In the last 24 hours, 5800 people died due to Coronavirus infection (Covid-19) and the total death toll has increased to 591 thousand. More than 73 thousand new cases have been reported in the US, 43 thousand in Brazil, and 35 thousand in India. 13 thousand cases have been reported in South Africa and 6 thousand in Mexico. Watch Corona LIVE from around the world. What's new going on in the Coronavirus world?

Corona Live In The World

2,085 New Corona Cases Found in 24 Hrs in Pakistan

The total number of infected people on Friday increased to 2,59,999 on Friday after 2,085 new cases of Coronavirus infection were reported in Pakistan in the last 24 hours. According to the Ministry of National Health Service, 49 patients died in the last 24 hours, after which the number of dead increased to 5,475. The ministry said that 1,83,737 patients have become healthy so far. However, 1,895 patients are still in critical condition. Of the total 2,59,999 cases, 1,10,068 are from Sindh province. There are 89,023 cases from Punjab, 31,486 from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 14,454 from Islamabad, 11,385 from Balochistan, 1,808 in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and 1,775 in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Only two Grams of Coronavirus Killed The Whole World
A really small Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, killed most of the humans from the world. United States of America, China, India, Russia, Asia, and Europian all countries, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Africa, Germany, Spain, every country, every city, the entire world, was caught by this terrible virus.

COVID-19: Whether or not there will be an infection in 20 minutes from blood samples Monash University of Australia has claimed to have discovered a new test. With the help of blood samples, it will be known in 20 minutes whether there is an infection or not. This will also give information about the earlier infection in the body. It has been developed by researchers at Monash University in collaboration with the Bioresource Processing Institute of Australia and the ARC Center of Excellence in Convergent Bionano Science and Technology.

World Corona Live: More than 2 million cases in Brazil

In Brazil, the number of infected has exceeded 2 million. Matters have doubled here in just 27 days. Since last week, around 40 thousand new cases are coming here every day. The state of São Paulo here has the highest number of 1 lakh 34 thousand 573 infected.

Announcement of Economic Package in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced an economic package to bring the country's economy back on track. He said on Thursday that we will invest a fund of 14 billion dollars (about 1 lakh 50 thousand crore). This will help the states of the country to keep people safe from viruses. It will also be helpful in getting people back to work and dealing with the second wave of infection.

Both Prime Ministers Of A Country Infected With Coronavirus

The Bosnia-Herzegovina country of the Balkan Peninsula came into existence in 1990 after the breakup of Yugoslavia. On racial grounds, two powers exist here, one of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the other of Republika Srpska. Both of them have their own constitution and their prime minister. However, now there is one thing in common here and that is that the Prime Minister of these two entities has been found to be coronavirus positive.

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Bosnia's Prime Minister Fadil Novalik became ill during a ceremony. He is now hospitalized and in the Corona Virus Ward of Sarajevo. At the same time, his counterpart Republika Srpska's Prime Minister Radovan Viskovich has been found positive in the Coronavirus test on Wednesday. In many countries of the Balkan Peninsula, there has been a spurt in cases of coronavirus in the past weeks. It also includes Bosnia. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are 7,411 infection cases in the country while 235 people have died.

Oxford University Hopes To Succeed In Developing COVID-19 Vaccine

Researchers at the University of Oxford believe that they may be successful in developing the Kovid-19 vaccine. It has been said in the reports in British media. Indeed, the team of researchers has discovered that this vaccine may provide 'dual protection' against coronavirus after early-stage trials on humans. Subsequently, their hopes for successful research have increased.

The Daily Mail quoted a source from the test team as saying that after taking blood samples from a group of British volunteers, he was subjected to a vaccine test, which revealed that it had caused antibodies and elimination of the body Inspired to make 'T-cell'.

Hydroxychloroquine Drug Helpful In The Remedy Of Corona Sufferers

This finding is important because individual studies have shown that antibodies can be gone within a few months, while T-cells can persist for years. However, the source cautioned that these results raise a lot of hope, but it is not yet proven whether the Oxford vaccine provides long-term immunity against COVID-19.

China Claims To Test Coronavirus Vaccine

Amidst the global rush to manufacture the Coronavirus vaccine, a Chinese state-run company has claimed that it has given its employees, including top officials, experimental doses before the government allows the vaccine to be tested on humans. The post titled 'People who helped to win' online by 'Sinopharm' company has a picture of its employees and wrote, helped in the 'pre-testing' of vaccine making. Whether it is seen as a heroic sacrifice or a violation of international moral norms, this claim underscores a huge stake as China competes with the US and British companies in the race to manufacture vaccines to end the epidemic.

If the claim is proved right, it will win its scientific and political victory. Lawrence Gostin, a global public health law expert at Georgetown University, said that everyone should get the Kovid-19 vaccine but it is very difficult to get.


In the race to vaccinate the coronavirus, China has first presented itself as a strong contender. Worldwide, two dozen vaccines are at different levels of human testing. Eight of them are from China. At the same time, 'Sinopharm' has also announced to be in the final stages of testing, which makes it look stronger.

Internal Discord Broke Out In White House To Deal With Coronavirus

The White House's ongoing internal discord about dealing with the Coronavirus global epidemic has now surfaced. Business advisor Peter Navarro strongly criticized Fossey while President Donald Trump remained silent. Fossey, the country's top expert on infectious disease, called the criticism "absurd" and "a little bizarre". The long-running tension escalated when Navarro wrote in an editorial targeting Fauchi in 'USA Today', 'Doctors have been wrong in everything. I talked to him … So when you ask me if I will listen to Dr. Fauchi's advice, my answer will be: only with skepticism and vigilance. '

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In an interview to 'The Atlantic' Fossey replied,-- 'I cannot tell Peter Navarro. He is missing in his own world, so I don't even want to go there.' At the same time, the trump complaining of Fauchi has come in the position of middle-rescue.

Is really china hidding something about coronavirus

Trump told reporters while leaving the White House to go to Atlanta, "Navarro has made a statement representing himself. They should not do this. Trump said he had a good relationship with Dr. Fossey and his staff were working together.

Significantly, the White House is under the question of tackling the epidemic as cases of infection are increasing in the country and the President is insisting on restoring economic activity to strengthen his re-election prospects. However, a person with knowledge of the matter said that Trump was happy with the quarrel as he believed that Navarro would help him by pointing out Fauchi's mistakes.

Total Cases of Infection in Pakistan Increased to 257,914

In Pakistan, 2,145 people were found infected with the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, after which the total cases of infection increased to 2,57,914 on Thursday. The Ministry of Health gave this information. According to the National Health Service Ministry, so far 1,78,737 patients of COVID-19 have been cured in the country. During the last twenty-four hours on Wednesday, 40 more patients died due to this epidemic, after which the number of deaths increased to 5,426.

According to the ministry, 73,751 patients of Kovid-19 are currently being treated in Pakistan. Of the total infections, 1,08,913 cases have been reported from Sindh, 88,539 from Punjab, 31,217 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 14,402 from Islamabad, 11,322 from Balochistan, 1,771 from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and 1,750 from Gilgit-Baltistan.

CDC Will Not Collect Data Related To COVID-19 in US now

Coronavirus data in the US will now be collected by a private technology company from the hospital instead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). US President Donald Trump administration said that this will speed up the process but some public health leaders have also expressed concern about this. The CDC director said on Wednesday that he had no problem with this change, although some experts were worried that the move could alienate the agency.

In a press conference organized by the US Ministry of Health and Human Services, Dr. Robert Redfield said that the CDC has agreed to move away from the traditional process of collecting data, with the aim of "streamlining the process of data collection"... Pittsburgh's 'Tele Tracking Technology company will now collect this data.

Despite All restrictions In US, Cases Of COVID-19 Are Continuously Increasing

Despite numerous restrictions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, a total of 25,000 new cases a day have been reported in Arizona, Texas, Florida. The imperative of wearing masks, lockdowns, medical checkups and segregation orders suggest that cases of infection are steadily increasing in different parts of the world and the situation is unlikely to return to normal as quickly as many leaders had predicted a few weeks ago. . In Alabama, wearing masks was made mandatory after the death of 40 people a day from Kovid-19. A record 10,800 new cases of infection were reported in Texas on Wednesday, where Republican Governor Greg Abbott continues to insist on covering his mouth to avoid another lockdown.


At the same time, Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York has made the measures to deal with the virus more stringent. He continues the list of 22 states, from where people coming here will be compulsory to remain isolated for 14 days. Failure of people not coming from these states 'tracing forms' will attract a fine of US $ 2,000 and will inevitably have to be segregated. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Steat, who supports a plan to restore normal activity in the country, has declared to be infected with the Corona virus and will remain isolated at home. He is the first US governor to declare Kovid-19. Steat has generally been opposed to mandatory masks and that too rarely happened when he was seen wearing a mask. Oklahoma health commissioner Dr. Lance Fray said that he (Steet) was infected by contact with whom it has not been known. On the other hand, after the arrival of 10,181 new cases in Florida on Wednesday, the total cases have gone up to 300,000 and the rate of daily death there is also increasing continuously.

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More Than 150 Countries Involved In Vaccine Supply Plan To All Countries Of The World

More than 70 wealthy countries have joined a campaign launched to ensure the supply of potential vaccines for the Corona virus equally in all countries of the world. Under the campaign, rich countries can store more vaccines for their citizens. In a statement on Wednesday, Gavi, the alliance formed to make the vaccine, said that 75 countries have said that they will join its new 'Kovacs facility' with 90 other low-income countries that are expected to get the vaccine. The AP published the news this week that Gavi's initiative allows rich countries to supply corona virus vaccines for themselves while some vaccines can be kept for countries with more sensitive populations.

Gavi CEO Seth Berkeley said in a statement, "Many countries, whether they have the ability to buy vaccines for themselves or need help, the mission of them is to ensure that they get the necessary vaccines and in this case, they Not backward. Research is underway on a number of vaccines worldwide to prevent the coronavirus. "

Countries like Britain, France, Germany, and America have already ordered millions of doses before the vaccine test was successful. Berkeley admitted that there is no system for the purchase of vaccines, but Gavi will talk to rich countries to work towards possible solutions in this regard.

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