Coronavirus USA Updates: 13K more New Cases Found in Just One Day

Coronavirus USA Updates: God Bless America! Recently coronavirus outbreak data chart stated there have been 13 thousand plus more coronavirus new confirmed cases +247 new deaths found in just one single day with total deaths of 1027 people. What is terribly going on in the United States?

Most Coronavirus affected countries' names following China, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland, UK where the total number of cases having more than 10 thousand. See the chart below --

Coronavirus Data Chart Worldwide

Data chart clearly stating the USA has found 13,347 more new cases and 247 new deaths.

Coronavirus USA - New York City has the most total cases with 32 thousand and 366 total deaths till yet. More 150+ new cases found in California. New Jersey, Washington, Michigan, Florida, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Colorado cities are the much-affected cause of this Corona Disease. See the latest Coronavirus USA state chart data down below ---

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Coronavirus Data Chart USA ( Till 25 March 2020 )

Also, watch this Coronavirus Case Count study worldwide report.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the US - See also the Coronavirus USA Map

, where there have been 68,203 confirmed cases across the US so far. However, the actual number of cases is likely to be significantly higher.

Coronavirus Map USA Live Updated: 25 March 2020

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