Donald Trump Targeted India Second Time Within a week, Way Better Than Other Countries

America's President Donald Trump has targeted India the second time within a week. After criticizing India over pollution, Trump has now given a statement about the Corona Pandemic. US President DonaldTrump has said, "America is doing well against the coronavirus (COVID-19) while India is struggling with it." Trump said that cases of corona infection are also increasing rapidly in China.


  • Donald Trump Targeted India Second Time Within a week.
  • Previously Trump Targeted India on Pollution and waste.
  • Donald Trump -- "We are way better position to fight against Coronavirus than other countries."
  • Trump, "No country is even around on Coronavirus Tests."
  • Trump said, "We are also doing well on the vaccine front."
  • Trump in a press conference, "America is fighting against coronavirus better than big countries."


In India, more than 1.8m people have been infected by the novel Coronavirus so far, while around 52,000 new cases have been reported in a day.

China Vs Coronavirus

At the same time, 36 new cases of corona infection have been reported in China on Monday (Aug 3). On 29 July, total cases of corona infection in China reached 100.

What Donald Trump Said in Press Conference?

US President Donald Trump (74) said in a press conference on Monday, "I think we are doing very well. We have fought the COVID-19 way better than other countries. If you will see what is happening in the whole world, especially in the countries where it was being discussed, the cases of Corona are suddenly increasing."

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Trump said America is fighting against coronavirus better than big countries. Do not forget that we are a very big country, except India and China. There has been an upsurge in the coronavirus cases in China, while India is facing many problems in fighting the corona.

Trump said -- I noticed this on the news last evening. I never read about other countries. However, the countries that were thinking that they have controlled the Chinese coronavirus, again the corona infection has started spreading rapidly. We felt the same in Florida but returned to Corona there again.

"Corona is an epidemic that is coming back again and again."

AMERICA Vs Coronavirus

America is the country worst affected by the coronavirus epidemic. There have been 4.7m cases of corona infection and 155,000 deaths in the US. Trump is now patting his government on the back by comparing it to other countries.

Trump said that America has tested 60 million people for coronavirus infection. He said, no country is even around it. We have done a corona test of 60 million people. Now we are also doing rapid tests in which the result comes immediately. I think we are doing a great job. There is good progress in the fight against Corona in America. In the whole country, new cases of corona infection have fallen by 6% compared to the previous week and the positive rate has also come down to 8% as against 8.7%.

Corona is coming back again in countries

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Trump said, there are many countries in the world where cases of corona infection are increasing once again. On some countries, we felt that they had done a fantastic job and prevented the epidemic, but our belief proved to be wrong. This virus is an unseen big enemy.

Lockdown cannot prevent infection in future also. The only purpose of lockdown is to increase hospital facilities and get some time to understand the disease and with it, effective treatment can be found.

Trump Vs Corona Vaccine

On Corona's vaccine, Trump said, "We are doing well on the vaccine front."

Cases of corona infection have increased in Spain, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan in the recent past. At present, we have to pay attention to the safety of the people most vulnerable to corona, while healthy and young people can go to work with caution.

Trump Targeted India on Pollution And Waste Previously

Let me know you that Trump had targeted India on pollution a few days ago. The US President had said that India, China, and Russia have no worries about their air, whereas America cares about the air of their country. Trump has also strongly criticized India in the past over pollution and waste.

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