Italy Lockdown, Romeo Juliet Doing Love At First Sights in Balcony

Italy Lockdown, Romeo Juliet Doing Love At First Sights in Balcony

Italy Lockdown - These Romeo Juliet Doing Love At First Sights in Balcony - One such anecdote of a romantic love story has come to light in the city of Verona, Italy. Michele de Alfasso, 38, fell in love with Paola Agnelli (39), who lives in front of her house when the two were standing on their respective balconies during the evening and enjoying the music.

Lockdown continues in most countries around the world due to Coronavirus infection. People are adopting social distancing and staying at home to avoid infection. On the one hand, while the cases of corona infection have increased worldwide, people are facing sorrow and despair, on the other hand, there have been some pleasant feelings.

People are spending time with the family, relationships are getting a new feeling and because of this lockdown, love is also flourishing in the lives of the people living in homes.

Love Romance in Verona, Italy Lockdown

L' amore ai tempi del coronavirus, Grazie Michele!

Tales are coming out from all over the world in which the people who see each other from the balconies and roofs of the houses are falling in love with the first sight.

One such anecdote of a romantic love story has come faced in the city of Verona, Italy.

In many cities of Italy, people come to their balcony at 6 pm every day and play music and give a message of unity in this era of the Corona epidemic.

Music players also include Paola's sister Lisa Agnelli, who plays the violin.

Paola Agnelli And Michele de Alfasso Love Story

In a conversation with BBC Radio, Michele said that she saw Paola for the first time when she came to her balcony for music.

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Both houses are face to face. Paola lives with her sister and mother on the sixth floor. Michele lives on the seventh floor in the front building.

During the music session, both of them got their eyesight and stayed on each other.

Michelle's sister Sylvia and Paola were old-fashioned.

Lisa Agnelli told BBC Radio, " I play violin in the balcony every day." On 17 March, my sister was also there and was helping me. Michele saw my sister then and they both fell in love. '

Paola says, "I went to the balcony to help my sister and then I saw Michele standing in front." At first glance, I got an idea of ​​how handsome this man is. ''

Michele found Paola on Instagram and sent him a message.

Photo: Paola Agnelli

Paola says, "After the music is over, I saw a message on Instagram. It was of Michele. He wrote, 'I can write a book called, Love in the era of Coronavirus'. ''

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That night both of them talked on the message till three o'clock. She says, "We realized that we think alike, which is the strongest basis for a relationship."

Michele put a banner named Paola on the roof of the building which she liked very much and she was very happy.

Despite being face to face, both of them have decided that at the moment they will not meet and will follow social distancing as Michele is a banker by profession and comes in contact with many people daily.

Michele told BBC Radio 4 that he felt magic in this relationship and he wanted to kiss Paola.

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