North Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s Condition Extremely Critical, Speculation Of Brain Dead

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un's Condition Extremely Critical, Speculation Of Brain Dead
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Kim Jong in Grave Danger – North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un is seriously ill and is said to be in a very critical condition. Speculation about Kim Jong Un’s brain dead has also intensified in the US media. North Korean people are assuming his sister Kim Yo Jong maybe the next supreme leader.

A media report on Tuesday said that the US has come to know in intelligence that North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is under serious threat after surgery. It is being told that he was undergoing treatment due to cardiovascular. According to the report, Kim Jong Un’s surgery was done, but after it, his condition has worsened even more.

Rumors, After Kim Jong Un, His Sister Kim Yo Jong will be the next North Korean Leader

Kim Jong Did not attend Grand Father’s birthday program

Reportedly, dictator Kim Jong Un is undergoing treatment at a villa in Hyangsan outside Pyongyang. Speculation and sharpness over Kim Jong came at a time when he did not appear on the country’s foundation day and his late grandfather’s 108th birthday program on 15 April 2020.

Kim Jong has been sick for a long time

In its report, Daily NK said that the health of dictator Kim Jong has worsened in the last few months. This is because of excessive smoking, obesity disease, and overwork.

According to CNN, nothing has been published in the North Korean media yet about the health of Kim Jong. The reason is that the media there is completely under the control of the government. This is the reason why it is difficult to get information from here so soon.

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Photo: North Korea Leader Kim Jong and sister Kim Yo Jong

Kim Jong was last seen on 11 April

It is being reported that Kim Jong Un was last seen in public on April 11. In which he chaired a meeting and ordered a strict investigation regarding the coronavirus. Not only this, but he was also absent from the missile test program on 14 April.

Explain that after his father and the late leader Kim Jong-il died in late 2011, Kim Jong-un occupied North Korea’s power.

Sister Kim Yo Jung after Kim Jong, The Next Korean Leader?

As rumors surface of Kim Jong Un of North Korea falling ill and close to death. People are assuming Kim Yo Jong maybe the next supreme leader, first of such female dictators in the modern world.

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