PM Modi's "21 Days Lockdown" after "Janta Curfew" to Fight Against Coronavirus


Coronavirus India Latest News: Assuming the present situation because of Coronavirus In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced more "21 Days Lockdown" from midnight 24 March 2020 after "Janta Curfew" to fight against the new China Virus Coronavirus. #21DaysChallenge

Coronavirus Lockdown: In view of the seriousness of the situation of the Coronavirus epidemic in the whole world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the "Janta curfew" on Sunday, 22 March 2020. But the situation of the country has not changed from just one day. However, assuming this to be true, according to Modi ji, he stayed indoors. Now the Indian public has to lockdown for more next 21 days from 12 noon on March 24.

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Accordingly to the latest report of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, till 24 March, 519 confirmed coronavirus cases and 10 deaths already been occurring. And this is not a good situation for India cause the numbers are increasing day by day. #21DaysLockdown

PM Modi requested the nation to stay home, take care of family, not to go outside in any critical situation because the next 21 days lockdown will decide the worst Coronavirus condition in India.

Please Discipline Yourself. Your Cooperation can save our whole nation.

Italy, China, UK, USA, Switzerland, Germany, so many powerful countries have given up to his knees in front of Coronavirus. The countries having more number of cases and deaths in the present than India.

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People should understand the present situation and obey the PM Modi "21 Days Lockdown" otherwise things won't be good for India, People, and the world.

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