Twitch Updated Music Terms of Service Guidelines, Streamers Suddenly Hit DMCA Strikes

Twitch updated music Terms of Service guidelines, Streamers Suddenly Hit DMCA Strikes

Twitch Updates!!! Watching or broadcasting a video stream that features Spotify or other music streaming services may become a thing of the past due to Twitch newly updated music Terms of Service. Twitch Streamers are suddenly getting hit with some DMCA takedowns that are making them worry about their account.

Based on an updated version of the music TOS guidelines ( See the link down below ) that are already being put into effect, Twitch started heavily enforcing copyright-related Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns and other strict actions against streamers who use music that they don't have own the rights. 

Twitch’s Community guidelines on music streaming have been placed for years. It appears that music rights holders are now becoming more proactive in seeking out copyright violations on Twitch as many popular streamers have been hit with multiple takedowns and notices over the past 24 hours.

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These are the updated music guidelines that dropped but most only heard about due to bigger streamers getting bans. Long story, in short, no more old school rap/hip hop. No more anime openers. No more KPop. See all Twitch Terms Of Service and DMCA Guidelines.

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Streamers, who will use copyright music, is at risk for DMCA act takedowns or Twitch Community Guideline and strict actions will be taken such as account suspensions, video bans, channel termination, while in some cases, legal action from music labels.

Twitch is now a bigger platform for streamers than ever before. Companies are looking at how they can profit off of the content being produced by others and are also acting in the interest of protecting their intellectual properties. 

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Twitch Update: Twitch posted an update on official support Twitter, saying about DMCA takedown requests " We advice removing those unrighted audios. We know many of you have large archives and we are working to make this easier. " See the tweet down below:

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