US Statement Against China: You Will Soon Hear About Action

US Statement Against China You Will Soon Hear About Action

US Statement Against China | On the issue of Coronavirus, America is constantly making rhetoric against China. Now America is preparing to take action against China, said -- "You will soon hear about action."


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  • USA is tough on Corona
  • Corona highest cases in the US
  • USA Statement Against China

Washington: America is constantly making rhetoric against China on the issue of coronavirus. Now the US is preparing for additional action against China. The White House has given information about this, but nothing has been told about what that action will be. Last year, after the outbreak of Corona from the city of Wuhan in China, there have been increasing arguments between the US and China. US President Donald Trump is constantly questioning China about the virus.

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White House press secretary Kelly McKechnie told reporters on Wednesday, -- "I am not going to get ahead of the president to tell us what our action will be on China, but you are hearing about some upcoming actions. Which are related to China. So, I can confirm it."

Apart from the Corona (COVID-19) between the two countries, there are other reasons for the escalation. Actually, China has implemented a new national security law in Hong Kong. China has banned American journalists. The United States has expressed displeasure over China's attitude towards the dealings with Uygar Muslims in China and security in Tibet.

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Let me tell you that on the issue of India and China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that -- Indians have responded in the best way to China's extremely aggressive activities. He said that China has a tendency to provoke regional disputes and the world should not let this bullying run.


Pompeo said in a press conference, -- 'I took India's Foreign Minister S.K. Have talked to Jaishankar many times about this (China's aggressive activities). The Chinese have conducted extremely aggressive activities. Indians have also given their best response.

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