Loud Sex Ruining Lives Of New York People, Hundreds Of 311 Complaints Filed So Far


NEW YORK, USA: Sex is an intimate matter between two people, but sometimes it becomes a problem for others. According to a report, loud sex is destroying people’s lives in New York and hundreds of complaints related to it have been registered on the 311 system.


According to the record, people living in New York have made more than 270 sexual complaints to the non-emergency hotline in the past year, with complaints ranging from backyard orgasms to loud, brutal sex sounds.


Recently, i.e. in the month of January, a Christian woman had lodged a complaint at 6 am at 311 about a girl having sex with force. 

Calls and online submissions from February 19, 2021 to February 9, 2022, came from all five cities complaining of loud sex in their side-by-side.


One complaint was made about having sex on the street, and it was reported that a fat gay man was having sex with his Latin lovers. 

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Wordsmith in Brooklyn complained in August that his neighbors were having ruthless sex with loud noises in the afternoon, while a Manhattan resident complained about a sex party next door.

A troubled Queens man has complained that a woman engages in loud sex in this Brooklyn apartment, giving a sleepless night to a single neighbor living in the neighborhood. 

Due to being awake all night, his sleep was not complete and then due to sleeping during the day, he lost his job.


Another resident said that even after the earthquake and fire in his life, his sleep was not disturbed as much as he could not sleep because of loud sex. 

A Queens man said that being fed up with a neighbor’s loud sex, he even requested him to stop it, but to no avail. 

Significantly, most of the complaints were termed as baseless, unnecessary, or un-criminal.

More than 50 complaints were received in the last year at one address in Broad Channel.


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