Superman and Lois Season 1, Episode 9 Live Stream: Watch Online

Superman and Lois return to The CW for the ninth episode of the first season. Here’s how to watch “Loyal Subjekts” online.

Next Tuesday a new episode of Superman and Lois aired on The CW. The critically acclaimed superhero series has aired new episodes since its Tuesday night debut, and now it’s back with a brand new episode.

The Kent/Lane family has taken some major blows lately. Not only did they discover that The Stranger (aka Captain Luthor) was actually John Henry Irons (aka Steel) from another Earth, they discovered that he was married to Lois Lane on that Earth and the couple had a daughter named Natalie. However, that Lois was killed by that Earth’s Superman.

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With a lot on their mind, Lois and Clark had to convince Irons that their Superman would never turn on anyone. While it seemed they eventually did, everyone’s suspicions were aroused by the fact that Morgan Edge brought sentient Kryptonian beings to Smallville by placing their consciousness in some of the town’s residents.

Can Clark, Lois, Jonathan and Jordan find a way to overcome it before it starts and save Smallville with that war Irons may have been referring to?

Watch Superman and Lois online

Full details on how to get the ninth episode of . can view Superman and Lois can be found below, including start time, TV info, live stream and more:

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Date: tuesday 1 june
Time: 21:00 ET
Season: 1
Episode: 9 “Loyal Subjects”
TV info: the CW
Live Stream:

“Loyal Subjekts” airs for the first time on The CW this Tuesday night. It is then uploaded to CWTV the next day and can be streamed for the next five weeks.

Are you looking forward to it? Superman and Lois season 1, episode 9? How are you going to watch it? Let us know in the comments below!

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