The Flash Season 7 Episode 15 Spoilers: An Army of Godspeeds?

There has been a lot of hype about the return of Godspeed The flash season 7 for quite some time. We’ve seen a variation of the character before, but not in the form we’ll eventually see him in here.

Before we can narrow things down to the true Godspeed though, apparently Barry and Iris will have to face an entire army of them! That’s at least some of what we’re getting based on early details around Episode 15 (aired June 29), which you can read more about below:

CHILLBLAINE IS RELEASE FROM JAIL – When an army of Godspeeds attacks Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) must put their family plans on hold and focus on the latest threat to their home. Meanwhile, Chillblaine (guest star John Cor) is released from prison and claims to be reformed, but Frost (Danielle Panabaker) has her doubts. Geoff Shotz directed the episode featuring the story by Jason V. Gilbert and teleplay by Thomas Pound (#715). Original broadcast 29-6-2021

Is the Chillblaine story going to be good for Caitlin/Frost? More than likely yes, but we have to admit that most of our focus is on Godspeed. This is just a villain that we’ve been wanting to pay more attention to for a while, especially since he’s the most terrifying speedster Barry has seen since Savitar. (We’re not including Reverse Flash’s various appearances – we’ve already covered it!) The question we do wonder is whether the writers have given them enough time to do justice to this villain – as far as we understand the benefit of smaller arcs, you won’t be able to spend more time with iconic characters that deserve the proper attention.

On the other hand, we hypothesize that it is also possible that parts of this story could be present in Season 9…

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What do you want to see from Godspeed on The flash season 7 episode 15?

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