Amazon Prime Video Hosted A Masterclass On 'The Family Man' At The 52nd International Film Festival Of India

India's most loved entertainment venue, Amazon Prime Video, curated a successful masterclass at the ongoing The 52nd edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Asia's oldest and India's most prestigious international film festival, last evening featuring cult icons. The brain behind the making was talked about.

The masterclass on 'Creating Cult Icons: India's Own James Bond (007)' was attended by the makers and talents of the award winning Amazon Original Series The Family Man. The show has been successful in giving birth to a multi-faceted genre that encompasses equal amounts of action, family drama, suspense, emotion, comedy and so on.

The series' global acclaim proves that audiences have an insatiable appetite for unique and unconventional yet authentic and relatable entertainment that resonates deeply with their own culture and traditions while taking them on a path of adventure and adventure .

Conducted by Ankur Pathak, the interactive and insightful masterclass was attended by the show's dynamic producers Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK popularly known as Raj and DK, Aparna Purohit, Head of India Originals at Amazon Prime Video, as well as talented artist Samantha and Manoj Bajpayee. The hour-long session highlighted the power of authentic storytelling through real events, humour, layered and well-developed characters. It also brought to life the intense research and creative process that has brought to life a powerful narrative that has made The Family Man, Amazon Prime Video's most-watched Indian original series both in and outside India.

Talking about her initial reaction to the show, Aparna Purohit, Head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video India said, “When the show was first presented to me five years ago and I heard the character of Shrikant Tiwari , then I realized that this character is like an everyday middle class man that people can easily associate themselves with. On one hand he is trying to foil the country's biggest terror conspiracy and on the other, he is traveling in a local train, trying to settle his home loan, and buying the latest mobile phone for his kids. Postponing demand. This duality of this character made it so relatable and the story was so exciting that it needed to be told.”

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Sharing an anecdote after the launch of the first season, Aparna said, “Incidentally, when our colleagues at Prime Video Mexico saw The Family Man, they said they found Srikant Tiwari one of their own. And it goes to show that he really is the quintessential family man and how much the show has become a part of popular culture. ,

Adding to Aparna's views, Raj & DK shared, "The tremendous popularity of The Family Man can be attributed to the authenticity and realism that Shrikant Tiwari's character embodies. The idea of ​​this character came from seeing people in everyday life and we wondered if James Bond was from Chembur, what would it be like?"

Taking the narrative forward, Raj said, “We wanted to create an authentic desi bond – a common man, an underpad, grappling with multiple family obligations, risk-averse, under-appreciated in his job and of course one An unheard hero on challenging missions. And that's where the various layers of Shrikant Tiwari's character came to the fore."

When asked what was his inspiration or reference for the role of Shrikant Tiwari, Manoj Bajpayee, who attended the masterclass virtually, *emphasizing on the character* said, “I belong to the middle class. I myself have experienced a lot in the life of Shrikant Tiwari in my early career. I didn't need the reference - we are the reference ourselves."

He further added, “When I was first offered the role of Shrikant Tiwari, I was at a stage in my career where I was looking for something new and different. When Raj and DK narrated the story to me, I immediately agreed and this is where my journey to become Shrikant Tiwari began.”

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The versatile actress, Samantha talks about the reason behind her opting to play the character of Raazi, “As an actor, I have always wanted to push my limits and explore the unfamiliar emotions. Female actors tend to get unidimensional characters and at the same time there is a fear of repeat performances – which can happen if you choose roles that are in a familiar emotional space. However, with Raazi it was very different and exciting. This character gave me an opportunity to explore a whole new dimension, something which was never given to me before. The actor in me couldn't refuse this challenge."

In addition to the ingredients to create a cult icon, the masterclass had several takeaways for budding creators and talent attending IFFI, as they turn to streaming services with their story ideas and passion projects through which they can bring their work to the world.

Prime Video's participation in IFFI reflects the growing popularity, reach and growth of video streaming services in India and around the world. The year 2021 is marking a turnaround for the video streaming industry as IFFI has invited video streaming services to the festival for the first time since its inception more than fifty years ago.

In addition to the masterclass being attended by the creators and cast of The Family Man, Prime Video will also be hosting an exclusive world premiere of Amazon Original movie Chhori and a masterclass with the creators of Amazon Original movie Sardar Udham in the coming few days at IFFI.

Additionally, to celebrate the birth centenary of legendary filmmaker, Satyajit Ray, Prime Video is showcasing 11 of his iconic films, as well as a special documentary on the service, with festival dates (November 20 to 28).

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