Bhaag Beanie Bhaag: All 6-Episodes In Brief, Know To Watch It For Free On Netflix

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Know What Happens In All 6-Episodes In Brief

December 4, Swara Bhasker, Dolly Singh, Ravi Patel starrer Netflix Bhaag Beanie Bhaag web series for season 1 has released to stream. If you don't wanna watch the series then here we have the all 6-episode official details. After reading this you will know a brief about, what is the storyline of each episode and then you can actually decide, should you watch it or not? Is it worth for you to spend your time on this series? Also, you can watch the series for free without a subscription plan. Wanna know the details on how to watch it for free? Here is all the details about each episode of Bhaag Beanie Bhaag.

What Is The Brief Of Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Web-Series?

In Brief, It is based on the story of a young girl, Beanie Bhatnagar (Swara Bhasker), who is facing disapproving parents, a knotty love life and her own inner critic, an aspiring comic ditches her cushy but from all of this unsatisfying life, she takes back into life and step-up to pursue stand-up.

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What's in The Episodes in Brief?

First Let you know, The series has total 6-episodes which you can watch on the streaming service Netflix.

Now let's talk about the each episode one-by-one:

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 1: Unhappy at work and engaged to a man who doesn’t understand her, aspiring stand-up comic Beanie realizes she’s on the fast track to a discontented life.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 2: As Ravi and Kapi try to get an anxious Beanie back on stage, she deals with the reactions of her boss, parents and Arun to her big decisions.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 3: Despite her parents' concerns, Beanie goes full throttle on her new plans, until Ravi makes her take a day off with him.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 4: Visits with a therapist force Beanie’s parents to face ignored truths. As Beanie begins to let her guard down with Ravi, a discovery throws her off.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 5: Reeling from recent quarrels, Beanie agrees to perform at a wedding, where she runs into some unexpected guests and gets unabashedly real on stage.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 6: Ahead of an exciting opportunity, Beanie considers making peace with her parents, acting on resurfaced feelings and staying true to her dreams.

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So let you know, You can now know what exactly happens in the season one of web series Bhaag Beanie Bhaag. Cause if you like it, then you can also full binge watch the web series on Netflix.

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Here is the trailer video also to solve your problem, watch it and decide it, should you stream it or skip it:

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One more exciting thing you should know about, You can also watch Bhaag Beanie Bhaag series for free on December 5th and 6th dates cause Netflix Streamfest has begun and all of the shows and movies are free to watch on these dates. So schedule it in your best shows watching list. is now on Telegram. Click here to join our channel (@moviespie) and stay updated with the latest Movie headlines.

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