Colton Underwood feared getting ‘turned on’ in men’s locker room

Colton Underwood, who came out as gay earlier this year, says he avoided showering in men’s locker rooms after football practice when he was still in the closet out of fear he might be “turned on” by a teammate.

“I never really was attracted to anybody who I played with, so it’s sort of silly to even say that, but I wanted to avoid any chance of being outed so I would not shower with the rest of the team,” the former “Bachelor,” 29, explained on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast on Wednesday.

When it came to acting on his sexual desires, Underwood said he would hook up with men who he thought were “straight in their real life, too,” adding, “They were all pretty closeted themselves.”

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The former NFL player explained that may have subconsciously been a strategic decision.

“I don’t think there was any man that was going to be coming out to get me because they would be outing themselves as well,” he told host Alexandria Cooper. “It wasn’t like a ton of men. It was like a few, and they never had my real name… That’s sort of how scared and secretive it all was.”  

In his new Netflix series, “Coming Out Colton,” Underwood shared that he once went so far as to try and suppress his feelings toward other men with medication.

“I was suppressing my sexuality so hard that I was taking medication daily to deal with depression and anxiety, and that made me a paranoid freak,” he said in the docuseries.

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“I didn’t trust a whole lot of people, and I was trying to do anything and everything I could to protect a secret.”

Underwood, Gus Kenworthy (left) and Michael Sam (right) on "Coming Out Colton."
Underwood talked to Gus Kenworthy (left) and Michael Sam (right) about what it’s like to be a gay athlete on “Coming Out Colton.”

When Underwood came out on “Good Morning America” in April, he told journalist Robin Roberts that he had yet to actually establish an emotional connection with a man.

“I never allowed myself to,” he said, adding, “I want to more than anything.”

However, since then, he has started dating a political fundraiser named Jordan C. Brown.

“It’s been healthier for sure, there’s been no hitches,” Underwood said of his new relationship on “Call Her Daddy.” “With women, I would always look for a way out or try to find an escape plan.

“I was planning everything out like, next step this, we need to be engaged by this week, we need to hopefully have kids by this year… That’s truly how my relationships [went].” 

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The former reality star said he and Brown, 38, “just complement each other’s lives and, it sounds so casual, but we’re just hanging out.”

He added of the romance, “We’re having a good time. There’s no pressure.” 

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