Feels Proud: Sargam Koushal Wins Mrs. World 2022 Held In Las Vegas

At the Miss World 2022 ceremony held in Las Vegas, Sargam Koushal made India proud by winning a landslide victory.

Sargam Koushal Wins Mrs. World 2022:  At the Miss World 2022 ceremony held in Las Vegas, Sargam Koushal brought laurels to India by winning strongly. In this beauty pageant, beauties from about 63 countries took part, in which the beauty representing India won and brought this title to India after 21 years. The beauty living in Jammu and Kashmir is very beautiful. These pictures present on his social media are proof of this.

Photos After Winning Mrs. World Crown:

When Sargam Won The Crown:

When We have our Mrs. World from INDIA, Sargam Kaushal:

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“From a strong thought to reality… We have come a long way!
Years of dedication, focus, consistency and sincerity is all worth it today!” She stated.

“I Thank each and everyone of you who were there through thick and thin during this journey! Our prayers are finally answered.” – captioned her Insta post.

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