LOCK UPP: Saisha Shinde Talks On How Trans Women Are Asked To Strip To Prove Their Gender, ‘We Have To Stop This Injustice’

The reality show ‘Lock Upp’ hosted by Kangana Ranaut keeps throwing up stories that tug at the heartstrings of the audience. One such story was shared by Saisha Shinde, who was asked by challenger and troublemaker Prince Narula to talk about the difficulties that trans women have to live with daily.

Saisha revealed how it is common for trans women to be stripped in public to prove their gender.

After making this shocking disclosure, Saisha Shinde said: “We have to stop this injustice and we have to work together to bring about the change. That change can only come when privileged people like me come out and talk about it openly without any fear.”

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Saisha Shinde also promised to donate to charity 50 percent of her earnings from ‘Lock Upp’.

Saisha Shinde promised: “I have decided to donate 50 percent of what I earn from this show to NGOs working for the trans community and the charitable trusts that are run by me.”

More power to Saisha Shinde!

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