How Much Is Olivier Kretz’s Networth?

How Much Is Olivier Kretz’s Networth

Olivier Kretz is a sales and marketing executive turned entrepreneur and became famous with the Netflix series ‘The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties’. With the experience of working in several major companies in his decades-long career, Kretz has developed an exceptional business acumen that ultimately helped him set up his own company. It was the distraction of constantly reinventing himself and his profession that contributed most to Kretz’s success. Not only did he find success, but he also gained international fame and recognition for his work, which is just as important.

Olivier is married to Sandrine Kretz, a teacher who took responsibility for the family business as associate director. She has a remarkable understanding of customer needs, which helps Olivier and the rest of the team take advantage of the winning opportunities, thanks to her insights. The couple has four children together who are very close to their parents. Olivier’s professional career was not only satisfying but also financially rewarding. After his appearance on the reality show, some viewers may naturally wonder about his net worth. But first...

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Let’s take a look at his overall career to date.

How Does Olivier Kretz Make Money?

Olivier Kretz did his master’s degree in economics at the Rouen Business School. After graduation, he started working in the sales and marketing industry. He joined Prosodie, a telecommunications company, in 1999 as a commercial manager and worked there for over 12 years before deciding to split up. Before that, he was a sales manager for Nielsen Media Research. His experience in the corporate world had taught him everything he needed to finally work on his own ideas and start a brand new company.

In 2016, Olivier co-founded Skyness, a drone inspection service that seeks to help individuals, governments, and manufacturers with the unique vantage point of a specific place, which then converts the captured aerial photography into data that can help them make efficient decisions. However, his entrepreneurial journey started long ago when he founded Kretz Family Real Estate in 2007. The company, based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, offers clients assistance in buying, selling, and renting luxury properties. Due to its exceptional services, the company grew rapidly and now has real estate operations all over the world.

The family-owned Kretz has not only to attract potential clients but has also landed its own Netflix reality show, “The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties.” The series revolves around the Kretz family who helps their clients find their dream home in France and abroad. His newfound fame in the reality show, coupled with his successful family business, has brought Olivier a lot of money, so without further ado let’s take a look at his net worth.

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Networth of Olivier Kretz

Olivier Kretz’s net worth is estimated at about $20 million. He has a lavish lifestyle with his family in France and given the growth of his business, it is safe to say that his overall net worth will only increase in the coming years.

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