Watch Lindsay Lohan’s New Christmas Movie Coming Out On Netflix

Watch Lindsay Lohan’s New Christmas Movie Coming Out On Netflix

It looks like Li-Lo is back as she’s scheduled to make her (second? Third?) Comeback in acting. This time around, Lindsay Lohan will star in a Netflix Christmas rom-com movie, seemingly replacing Hallmark as our go-to for Christmas movie binge fests.

Regardless, Lindsay Lohan turned from a Disney Channel darling, starring in the 1998 remake The parentage to star in the ultimate teen movie of the 2000s, Mean girls. It seemed like she was on the rise, with a music career taking off as well (your mileage may vary on that).

Then the train accident happened. After multiple stints in rehab, a number of DUIs, and issues on the sets of multiple movies, Lindsay Lohan was branded as a difficult actress to work with and fell out of the spotlight. After a few rolls here and there, Lindsay Lohan might come back into our lives with some Christmas cheer. Grab your hot chocolate and let’s spill some tea on Lindsay Lohan’s new movie.

Netflix Christmas Movies

Let’s face it: Netflix has been supplying Christmas candies for a few years now and is launching some new classics like The Christmas Chronicles, Jingle Jangle, and The Princess Switch starring Lindsay Lohan’s fellow Disney veteran, Vanessa Hudgens.

Unlike the Princess Switch franchise, Lindsay Lohan’s new movie is more like the Hallmark Christmas movie version of Overboard Then something else. Lohan will star as a vain New York hotel heiress who, after a skiing accident, suffers amnesia and finds herself in a cabin with the shaggy gardener and his precocious daughter.

What has Li-Lo been up to?

Since the 2000s, Lindsay Lohan has shunned the spotlight. After struggling with drug and alcohol addictions, she became uninsurable, which made studios reluctant to sign her up for a movie. As mentioned before, she appeared in movies here and there. Her most successful film from this period, per Varietywhat, is Paul Schrader the canyons, and they said she was the only good thing about it!

However, she has been in other productions such as the West End Speed ​​up the squad and British comedy Sick note in 2018. She also presented reality shows Lindsay Lohan’s beach club and was a judge on Australia’s The masked singer. During her free time she has lived in Europe and Dubai.

What makes this comeback different?

While Lindsay Lohan has made a movie or two after her very public rise and fall, she told Anderson Cooper in late 2019 that she wanted to return to acting. She told him she “wanted to come back to America and start filming again. . . taking back the life I worked so hard for and sharing it with my family and you. ”

Then the pandemic struck a few months later, putting film projects on hold. However, it appears that Lindsay Lohan is holding on to her guns and going for her stated goals by starring in this new Netflix Christmas movie.

Something else?

Lindsay Lohan’s new Christmas movie has some big Christmas names in it. Janeen Damian, writer of the famous Christmas movie Hallmark A Christmas Waltz, is set to write and direct, along with A Christmas Waltz director Michael Damian, Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver.

MPCA producer Brad Krevoy is also slated to produce Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas movie, along with director Michael Damien. MPCA was the powerhouse behind other Christmas movies like The Christmas Prince and Operation Christmas Drop. They also let go A castle for Christmas next to Lohan’s movie.

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On the other hand, it is unclear who is playing with Lohan and what the movie is even going to be called! Well, we’ll just have to wait as Christmas gets closer to get more deets on this upcoming movie. In the meantime, we look forward to beach season and pumpkin spice before making room for Santa to bring us another Lindsay Lohan movie.

Are you going to watch Lindsay Lohan’s new Christmas movie coming out on Netflix? Let us know in the comments!

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