Who Were The Manisha Valmiki Hathras Gang-Rape Victims? Will She Get Justice?

Who Were The Manisha Valmiki Hathras Gang-Rape Victims

Hathras, UP, India: September 14, 2020, A 19-year old girl, Manisha Valmiki, who was cruelly gang-raped and made paralyzed so she can not talk or say anything about the victims, went to death the next day. This crime was done by four men victims also belongs to Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Who Were The Manisha Valmiki Hathras Gang-Rape Victims? What were their names? Will victims just be held in jail? When will Manisha Valmiki get justice for her? When will her family get Justice For her daughter?

Hathras Dalit rape victim, Manisha Valmiki was gang raped and then left paralyzed by four men, died the next day after the attack in a Delhi hospital on Tuesday, Sept 15.

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Manisha Valmiki Hathras Gang-Rape Case Full Story: What Happened On Sept 14?

On September 14, the Manisha was dragged by the dupatta around her neck into the field when she was working in fields with her mother and had to go collect cattle fodder. Dragging her from the neck, made injured her spinal cord.

Head of neurosurgery at the Aligarh hospital, Delhi, Fakhrul Hoda said in a statement that Surgery to fix her broken spine can only have been done after her condition improved. The damage to her spinal cord seems to be permanent.

Who Were The Manisha Valmiki Hathras Gang-Rape Victims? As per reporting, All four men of Hathras rape-case victims, Manisha named Sandip, Lavkush, Ramu, and Ravi. bel ongs to the same city.

All of these were arrested for Manisha Valmiki gang-rape, attempt to murder, and under sections of the SC/ST Act.

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Read the full story here, what was happened on the day? Manisha Valmiki Hathras Gang-Rape Case Full Story: What Happened On Sept 14?

Hathras Gang-Rape Case Victim: Manisha Valmiki Photo

Manisha was the youngest sibling from her home. Her father had told reporters on Sunday, Sept 20, that the high-status families of the four involved have been warning them for speaking out. Her family also told that Manisha had also told her family that the four men had threatened her with dreadful outcomes if she informed anyone about this incident.

The act was totally inhumane. The whole country is stubbed, in shock, in condolences with the Manisha Valmiki family. Whole India Asking For Justice For Manisha Valmiki.

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