6 New Shows To Watch And 2 To Skip This Fall TV 2021 Season Of NBC, FOX, CW, ABC

6 New Shows To Watch And 2 To Skip This Fall TV 2021 Season Of NBC, FOX, CW, ABC

What to watch and what to skip in this 2021 season? If you’re an avid TV watcher, you know that there’s no better season like the Fall TV season! The fall is when our favorite shows return and when networks premiere new series. But these new shows aren’t always all winners. Here, we share six shows we believe will be the next big thing, and two we will probably skip this Fall TV 2021 season.

Among the shows we’re excited to watch new episodes of again, there’s The Flash season 8 and Riverdale season 6, both on CW. At FOX, there’s The Resident season 5 to look forward to, while NBC premieres The Voice season 21. And we can’t forget about Survivor season 41 on CBS.

Love reality competition shows? Same! Dancing with the Stars is a personal favorite! The show dances its way back to our screens on Sept. 20 on ABC. On the same network, Grey’s Anatomy season 18 and Big Sky season 2 also premiere this Fall TV 2021 season.

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As excited as we are for these shows to return, we also crave new adventures, dramas, and stories. That said, what’s new this Fall TV 2021 season?

6 shows to watch this Fall TV 2021 season

  1. 4400 on The CW
  2. The Wonder Years on ABC
  3. Ordinary Joe on NBC
  4. La Brea on NBC
  5. Alter Ego on FOX
  6. Ghosts on CBS

I have 4400 at the top of my list! The sci-fi series follows 4,400 people who vanished without a trace and reappeared many years later, without aging a day and having no memory of what happened to them or where they’ve been all these years. I love a good mystery, and this gives me Manifest vibes.

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Ghosts seems like a lighthearted, sweet comedy, and we need at least one of these shows each season, so count me in!

Which show from this list are you the most excited to watch?

2 Shows To Skip This Fall TV 2021 Season

  1. Legends of the Hidden Temple on The CW
  2. The Big Leap on FOX

Listen, I want to give The Big Leap a chance, but I think I’ll wait to see what people have to say about the musical comedy-drama before I watch. As for Legends of the Hidden Temple, 

I’m going to have to see more teasers before I commit. It’s just not calling my attention. 

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