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Do you Remember the past struggles of Women in the world or especially in 1928’s time where the society is male dominated and women had to face many situations and work according to what society wants.

At that time they are not given much freedom as compared to the current scenario. Even in today’s world you see your grandmother how much restrictions she has to face in her young age and even now.

The Cable Girls Spanish drama given below is set on the lives of 4 women who have faced many problems and restrictions of the society in the late 1928 time period.

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Created by Ramon Campos And Gema R. Neira, Cable Girls is a story of four young women whose lives are changed after they start working in a modern telecommunication company.

The drama was set in the late 1928 period where women have to face different things and also there were several restrictions on the rights of Spanish women to live their personal lives according to them.

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All of the four women are offered decent pay and get some independence and each woman joins the modern telecommunication company due to different reasons. Alba Romero (Blanca Suarez) who goes to work in the company in the name of Lidia Aguilar, by hiding her identity to complete a mission.

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On the other side Angeles joined to provide help for her family and was the most experienced operator in that company.

Marga Suarez joins the telecom company to start a new life in a new place but Carlota Senillosa joins that company to escape herself from her controlling father and the rigid restrictions of the society.

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Release Date of Cable Girls Season 5

Cable Girls Season 5

As you all know that Cable Girls is a Spanish tv drama which was created by Ramon Campos and Gema R. Neira, whose original season premiered on Netflix in 2017.

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The 5th season of this drama was released in two parts, and the first part premiered on February 14, 2020 and after sometime they also released another part on Netflix on July 3, 2020 and it is considered to be the last and the final season of this Spanish Drama.

Cast Members of Season 5

Cable Girls Season 5

These are cast and characters of Season 5 Cable Girls-

  • Blanca Suárez as Alba Romero/Lidia Aguilar
  • Ana Fernández as Carlota Senillosa
  • Maggie Civantos as Ángeles Vidal
  • Nadia de Santiago as Marga Suárez
  • Yon González as Francisco Gómez
  • Ana Polvorosa as Sara Millán/Óscar Ruiz
  • Carlos Kaniowsky as Inspector Beltrán
  • Sergio Mur as Mario Pérez
  • Nico Romero as Pablo Santos/Julio Santos
  • Martiño Rivas as Carlos Cifuentes
  • Iria Del Río as Carolina Moreno
  • Ángela Cremonte as Elisa Cifuentes
  • Borja Luna as Miguel Pascual
  • Sergio Mur as Mario Pérez
  • Concha Velasco as Doña Carmen Cifuentes
  • Ernesto Alterio as Sebastián Uribe
  • Luis Fernández as Pedro Guzmán

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Storyline of Season 5

In season 5 you see that Lidia Returns to Spain as they all are struggling with the consequences of the civil war and In Spain she is trying to find her daughter with the help of her close friends.

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Cable Girls Season 5

Episodes of Season 5 of Cable Girls

These are the 10 episodes of season 5 which comes in two parts.1st part of the Cable Girls season 5 came in February while the other part came in July 2020.

Episode 1- “War

Episode 2 – “Hate”

Episode 3 – “Courage”

Episode 4 – “Control”

Episode 5 – “Insanity”

Episode 6 – “Power”

Episode 7 – “Patience”

Episode 8 – “Pain”

Episode 9- “Defeat”

Episode 10 – “End”

Where to Watch Season 5

You can watch Cable Girls Season 5 on Netflix and even it is available free of cost on 123movies in HD Quality.

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Reviews and Ratings of Cable Girls season 5

You can see per episode rating on the given link below of IMDb on which episode number 8 is highly rated.

Some users like the series and gave good reviews to the series while one or two do not like the season of Cable Girls very much. Most of the viewers are facing a soundtrack problem in the series but they said that the series is good enough.

Watch Final Trailer of Cable Girls Season

Last Lines

Cable Girls TV Drama shows how women have to face difficulties in the past in Male Dominating Society and their personal lives don’t matter to them. So four women joins the Telecom company in Maldid where they are paid and live their lives according to themselves.

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