Gossip Girl Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, How To Watch Online, And More Everything

Gossip Girl‘ reboot’s fifth episode is a Halloween-themed entry that brings exciting challenges for Julien and Zoya as their friendship begins to blossom. The sisters are focused on winning a costume competition, but things take a turn for the worst and head to the dark zone, which is first for the teen drama. You can catch up on all the exciting events of the episode in the recap section. However, let’s first take a look at what’s in store for Julien and Zoya in Gossip Girl episode 6.

Gossip Girl Episode 6 Release Date: When Will Arrive?

‘Gossip Girl’ episode 6 will premiere on August 12, 2021, at 3 am ET on HBO Max. The show’s first season consists of twelve episodes that will drop in two batches of 6 episodes. Therefore, the show will head into a hiatus after the upcoming episode and return to our screens in the fall.

How And Where To Watch Gossip Girl Episode 6 Online?

Subscribers can watch Gossip Girl episode 6 online on HBO Max starting from the date and time stated above. You can also choose to watch the new episode on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spectrum, DirecTV, and Xfinity, provided that you have subscribed to HBO Max through these platforms.

Gossip Girl Episode 6 Spoilers

Episode 6 of Gossip Girl will mark the halfway mark in the show’s debut season and is likely to deliver some hard-hitting moments. The episode is titled ‘Parentsite’ and will likely reveal what happened to Audrey’s mom. The reveal will keep Audrey in New York for now. Audrey will be emotionally vulnerable, and Max and Aki will try to support her. This could potentially reignite the love triangle between them. Julien will be focused on taking things to the next level with her brand, and Zoya will have to deal with the arrival of Obie’s mom. The episode is likely to put some focus on the main gang’s parents. Check out the promo for episode 6 below.

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Gossip Girl Episode 5 Recap

Gossip Girl episode 5 is called ‘Hope Stinks’ and opens with showcasing how Julien and Zoya’s friendship is slowly developing. The girls discuss attending an upcoming Halloween party dubbed “Hulaween” and consider participating in a costume competition. At another school, a teenage boy accidentally reveals he has been carrying a gun. Gossip Girl spreads the news online. Kate feels guilty as Gossip Girl becomes a platform for other students to bully the boy. Her associates do not feel any responsibility for the incident. Kate decides to deactivate the Gossip Girl account.

Audrey’s mom reveals that they might have to move away from New York, leading to a huge argument between the mother and daughter. Max and Rafa are regularly hooking up and even fool around on the school campus. Aki warns the two that they could end up in trouble which causes friction between Max and Aki. At the party, Julien and Zoya enter the costume competition together, dressed as Beyonce and Solange. However, to their dismay, the idea has leaked, and a lot of people at the party are dressed like them. The girls are upstaged by their rivals, who are dressed as Blair and Serena, which adds insult to injury. The sisters salvage the night by dressing up as Chuck and Dan.

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Max learns that Rafa has a history of preying on high school students who are emotionally vulnerable. Max confronts him and ends things between them. Luna discovers that Monet leaked the idea of Julien and Zoya’s costumes. Audrey receives a call and learns that her mom has been hospitalized. The group rushes to the hospital. The episode closes out as the group shares a hug with a voiceover of Gossip Girl announcing her return. Gossip Girl reminds everyone that her voice matters the most and that she will be turning off the comments on her posts.

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