Here Comes Hell Cast, Release Date, Review, Ratings, Plot, How To Watch

Here Comes Hell Cast, Release Date, Review, Ratings, Plot, How To Watch

Here Comes Hell: When you are out with your friends and something terrible happens, you immediately gets frightened is the terrible incident and recalling it again and again feels bad. You have also heard many incidents and stories in which people go for dinner with their friends with turns into carnage, and demonic and where they to do the tasks for their survival.

This type of movies gives horror feel with the effects put the creators and directors. But this movie is horror-comedy and it is one of the film which have mix effects of 80’s Gore of Evil Dead and William Castle to be put in the movie which is set at 1930’s.

This movie gives you the best and different scenes most of are fun which are imaginable by Jack McHenry.

Here Comes Hell movie starts like the other films but fantastic recreation of the 1930’s is done in the film and also shot in a black and white format to give a perfect look of old times. Static images are also used in the movie for the external shots and the director spends so much time to give special effects to make it horror.

Here Comes Hell Characters

Before movie to the story let’s introduce with the cast and their characters perform in the fim-

  • Jessica Webber played the role of Elizabeth.
  • Timothy Renouf played the role of Freddie and he is the new boyfriend of Elizabeth.
  • Margaret Clunie played the role of Christine one of the friend of Freddie.
  • Tom Bailey as George and he is the son of oil Tycoon.
  • Jasper Britton played the role of Christine Brother who is the host of that group party.
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Here Comes Hell Movie Plot: What Is Its Story About?

It is the story of group of friends who decided to do a cocktail party which turns dangerous to all of them as they called spirits and some couple of spirits came and they have to do things for their survival.

The simple evening dinner party turns chaos and frenzy to all the guest and they indirectly open the gate to Hell! The new owner of the Westwood Manor, Victor Hall decided to have a fun party in his manson and he is looking for a fun so invited his friends and best mates to a dinner party in which tennis pro Freddie also brings his girlfriend with him to enjoy the party. But who knows that the party will turn like this in which they have to be killed and perform for their survivals.

The owner, Victor also invited Madame Bellrose to conduct a seance for the entertainment after the dinner party in the hope of talking with the spirit of Quinn.

They are just trying for fun and talk only but the way Madame calls spirits is too successful that they breaks the laws and came in reality. Now they had put their lives in danger for the survival of the life against the demonic carnage.

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Here Comes Hell Release Date

The movie came in 2018 and after that it was released in the United Kingdom on November 11, 2019 and it is the horror movie whose running time is 1hr 20 mins and its tagline is “Downton Abbey meets evil dead”.

How And Where to Watch Here Comes Hell?

It is the horror-comedy film which is served with the special effects and set in the way as it is performed in 1930’s. You can stream this movie on-

  • Watch on Tubi for free
  • On Vudu for free
  • Crackle for free
  • On Amazon Prime Video for free

And on Sling Tv, FuboTv, Philo and on Apple TV by taking a subscription.

Trailer Video: See How The Here Comes Hell Looks Like

Here Comes Hell Ratings and Reviews

On IMDB this black and white movie got 5.0 ratings out of 10 with 29 user reviews written on it.

There are 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes with 5 reviews and 44% audience reviews on it.


It’s upon you whether you want to watch this horror film or not as it is a good one but not so excellent and it received 5.0 ratings on IMDB.

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