ImMature Web Series Season 1 All Episodes Watch Online Or Download on MX Player

2019's comedy romantic drama web series ImMature season 1 all episodes are available to watch online or download on MX player. The season one has total of 5 episodes to stream on the platform.

MX Originals: ImMature Season 2

Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Web Series
Release Year: 2019
Director: Prem Mistry
Cast: Omkar Kulkarni, Rashmi Agdekar, Chinmay Chandraunshuh, Visshesh Tiwari

ImMature is an Indian drama comedy web series by The Viral Fever. The 5 episodes of the MX Originals series coming of age story depicts the life of a young boy Dhruv, who wants to grow up as soon as he can. Dhruv, with the help of his friends Kabir and Susu, tries to woo his first crush Chhavi, who is a class topper. Watch ImMature online to see this youth comedy-drama. The series showcases the group of friends growing together as they have their first drink, have their first love, get their hearts broken, and much more.

The show is all about the growing up phase and difficulties faced during the same. Watch ImMature all episodes to join the gang in their journey to youth.

ImMature Web Series All Episodes Complete

The series first season has a total number of 5 episodes to stream or download. Here are the details of the complete episodes down below:

ImMature Season 1 Episode No.Episode Title
1Daddy’s Little Princess
3Pehla Pehla Pyaar, Pehla Pehla Bar
4Unstable Equilibrium
5Triple H Versus The Rock

What's in ImMature S1 Ep1? The first episode of this coming of age drama introduces the lead characters of the show, Dhruv and his two friends Kabir and Susu. Having recently joined the 11th standard, the trio of friends are out to explore the world and enjoy it to the fullest. Dhruv comes across a beautiful and studious girl, Chhavi, for whom he develops a liking for. Watch ImMature online to enjoy this cute comedy-drama. When they enter the 11th standard, Kabir asks Dhruv to get a bike in order to look cool in front of Chhavi. And excited Dhruv conveys the same to his parents and expects a new bullet bike. But things turn upside down for the young boy when the gift which he gets from his parents is nowhere close to his expectations. What did Dhruv get in the gift? Will he be able to impress Chhavi? Watch ImMature all episodes to see what happens next.

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Watch Episode 1 Here

What's in ImMature S1 Ep2? As the friends start spending time together in their new school, Dhruv gets more and more attracted to Chhavi. In order to get closer to her, he also participates in the school’s annual day drama. He even hatches a plan to get Ranjan ousted from the play so that he can play the lead role opposite Chhavi. Watch ImMature online as Dhruv gives it all in order to impress Chhavi. But things take a turn for Dhruv when he gets the news that his character.

Watch Episode 2 Here

Rashmi Agdekar in ImMature Web Series

What's in ImMature S1 Ep3? The show starts with Dhruv getting the news about Chhavi having a boyfriend, Shantanu. This leads to his heartbreak because of which he goes to his friends who console him. Kabir gets Dhruv to drink some alcohol in order to deal with his heartbreak. Watch ImMature online to enjoy this coming of age drama. After getting drunk the boys go to Chhavi’s boyfriend, Shantanu, where Dhruv gathers the courage and beats him up.

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 Watch Episode 3 Here

What's in ImMature S1 Ep4? After all their actions get out in front of everyone, the trio of Dhruv, Kabir, and Susu get a warning from their vice principal which makes them serious about their studies. The group starts focusing on their studies and also get an unexpected offer from Chhavi who helps them in the same. Watch ImMature online to enjoy this story of three young kids. But as they start studying together, Dhruv and Chhavi get closer to each other. 

Watch Episode 4 Here

What's in ImMature S1 Ep5? After Dhruv lets his feelings out of his heart in front of Chhavi, the two decide to go on a date. As the date night approaches both of them receive a lot of bits of advice and suggestions from their respective friends regarding the same. Watch ImMature online to see this cute youth love story. As the duo is super excited about the date, Kabir asks Dhruv to make sure that they have the night of their lives. 

Watch Episode 5 Here

What About Season 2 Of ImMature Web Series?

A online reports, ImMature Season 2 is also ready to roll out for this series lovers.However there are not more news and updates about it.

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