Marvel's Loki: Meet The Multiple Gods of Mischief Now In Episode 5

Marvel's Loki: Meet The Multiple Gods of Mischief Now In Episode 5

Loki Episode 5: Loki is finally on his way to his conclusion. We have to admit that while the middle was pretty slow for us, this new episode 5 “Journey Into Mystery” has us excited. Last week saw a post-credit scene where Loki ran into variations of himself after being pruned by the TVA. Now, this week, we’re learning about some of them, which is pretty fun all around.

Now, to be fair, we see a lot of Loki variants in this week’s episode. But we really only get to know a select few of the alternate versions of the God of Mischief. So we’re going to share some of the Lokis that live up to the God of Mischief title they all share. So here’s everything you need to know about these Lokis in particular. No time like the present to dive into.

Spoilers for Loki episode “Journey to Mystery”. 

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Campaign Loki (Tom Hiddleston)

The only other Loki played by Tom Hiddleston to date in the series. (Seriously, we thought Hiddleston was a… Black orphan us when this was announced.) Campaign Loki wants to take over as Kid Loki’s King of the Void, yes really.

Hiddleston described Campaign Loki as “the least vulnerable, the most autocratic and terrifyingly ambitious character who seems to have no empathy or concern for anyone else.”Considering that Loki is a politician? It is logical.

Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei)

We don’t spend too much time on this version of the God of Mischief in the episode. Boastful Loki, like his title stock, brags about his achievements. He is apparently a known liar, even to other liars. This Loki claims that he killed Captain America and Iron Man before capturing all the Infinity Stones for himself. He also carries around a golden hammer, which resembles Mjolnir.

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Of course, the reason we don’t know much about this Loki is that he betrayed his fellow Lokis (2012 Loki, Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki) to Campaign Loki and his cronies. The last we saw was that he was alive, but fighting a mob. Let’s hope the hammer works somehow.

Alligator Loki (an alligator)

For those of you who think Alligator Loki might be a nod to the Spider-Ham universe or something, it isn’t. Instead, this one is Loki. . . an alligator. Possibly also an identity thief. People are confused by alligator Loki in the series, but just go with it, okay? Alligator Loki has the headgear and apparently the “oversensitive” personality traits, just like the rest.

According to Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki’s nexus event was eating a cat, but that might just be mocking the other Loki. As an Alligator, Loki immediately tried to bite off Boastful Loki’s hand after he said it.

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Kid Loki (Jack Veal)

This youthful version of Loki has styled himself as the King of the Void. His nexus event was that he ended up killing Thor, making him, we suspect, king. It seems none of the other Lokis did what he did. This is a nod to comics where Loki was reborn as a child after his death in Paris. It’s a very long story. He was also a Young Avenger, so, well, announce it, Marvel.

Kid Loki probably has the most screen time with Classic Loki among the Loki variants in this episode. Whether or not he regrets killing Thor wasn’t explored too much in this episode. But he apparently loves living in the Void as he chooses to stay with Alligator Loki at the end of the episode.

Classic Loki (Richard E Grant)

Of all the “Old Man” versions of characters we’ve wanted to see in the MCU, we have to admit that Old Man Loki wasn’t at the top of the list. Classic Loki dons, well, Loki’s classic Marvel Comics costume. He is a little older and perhaps wiser than the other versions of the character. This Loki had much the same life as our Loki with one important difference: he didn’t die when Thanos killed him.

No, instead Loki pretended to be dead at Thanos’ hands and went on to live a fairly solitary life as the “God of the Outcasts”. But eventually he really started to miss his brother Thor and went to see him. This was his nexus event that caused him to get pruned. Classic Loki also showed Loki just how great their powers really could be and eventually found his glorious purpose by selflessly sacrificing himself to help Loki and Sylvie.

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