Micky And The Bear: A Father-Daughter Relationship| Breathtaking Story!

“A daughter may outgrow your lap but she’ll never outgrow your heart.”

A father and a daughter’s relationship is a pure bond of love which is tied from heavens rope, this movie “Mickey And The Bear” is also based on the father-daughter relationship. I must tell you the movie is breathtaking…

Mickey And The Bear

The movie, Mickey and The Bear is directed and written by  Annabelle Attanasio. It premiered globally on March 2, 2019, by the South Webster, and on November 15, 2019, by Utopia.

The movie enters production on August 20, 2018, which is filmed in Montana, Georgetown Lake which located at a distance of fourteen miles away from their actual shooting site.

Do you know creators take only five weeks to complete this whole movie which is approximately eighty-two minutes longs, Isn’t it so fast?

This a story of Mickey Peck who used to live with her father. She used to do the household chores as well as her father’s responsibility. The concept and the script written by Annabelle are loved by everyone and the movie makes about $57,188 dollars.

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Star Cast of Mickey And The Bear-

The show creator is somehow choosy with the star cast which is the reason the movie has a handful of main characters.

Starting with  James Badge Dale who is seen in the role of Hank Peck with Calvin Demba as Wyatt Hughes.

Camila Morrone is also in the movie Mickey Peck with Ben Rosenfield as Aron Church and Rebecca Henderson as Leslee Watkins.

However, some supporting actors are also in the movie playing the side roles, Stephen Little, Joey Scheet, Kelley D Cutler, Suzie A Brunch, Don Capp, Steven D Collins and a few more are also in the movie Mickey And The Bear.

mickey and the bear

What About The Story Mickey And The Bear Is?

This is a story of Mickey, who is a teenaged girl and has some thinking like the other kids of the same age have… She always dreams big for the future but her life is not the same as that of other teenagers.

Mickey always wanted to go to the college which is situated on the West Coast but she never wants to leave her father back because she loves him so much just like everyone does.

After her mother dies, his father is the only person who takes care of her, and when she grows up she starting doing the same.

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Mickey used to do a part-time job at a studio named taxidermy. She does jobs like groceries, house cleaning, and small pieces of stuff like this in order to fill their stomachs.

However, doing all these she somehow feeling that something is pushing her from her dreams and the independence she always wonders. She never wants to tie herself in the household chores. This is the reason she ended up fighting with her dad.

mickey and the bear

Where We Can Watch The Movie Mickey And The Bear?

If you are willing to stream the movie then you can access it on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Youtube, Starz, and I Tune. The movie is not released for the DVD Version at this time.

Amazon is the only topmost channel where you can stream the show, however, it is going to be added soon on Netflix.

You can also stream these movies, Out of Blue (2018), The Darkest Minds 2, Scary Movie 6, and Red 3 on the aforementioned platforms.

Official Teaser of Mickey And The Bear-

See this heartwarming teaser of the movie here…

Mickey And The Bear- Ratings!

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie got 100% from the total rating census of Tomato scale, and from the Metacritic, it secures a percentile of 79.

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However, the ratings of the IMDb are fairly low as compared to these two, it gives the movie only 6.6 scores out of 10 which is slightly shabby.

End Lines-

The movie creator Annabelle Attanasio said that the story isn’t necessarily auto-biological. She also added that-

“My teenage years were consumed by this sense of obligation I had towards my parents. I felt my family’s problems were my sole responsibility to fix, and spent a great deal of adolescence mediating between my parents and attempting to take on their emotional dysfunction,” she said. “The movie feels like a culmination of those chaotic years of my childhood.”

Now it’s your turn, have you seen the movie? On a scale of 1 to 10 then how much you are going to give “Mickey And The Bear.”

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