Netflix’s Ganglands Season 2 Release Date: Will It Renewed Or Cancelled?

Netflix’s Ganglands Season 2: Created by Julien Leclercq and Hamid Hlioua for streaming platform Netflix, ‘Ganglands’ is a sprawling action thriller series that plunges the audience into a warzone where veterans and amateurs collide side by side with formidable mobsters. The story revolves around the dynamic duo Shainez and Liana, who accidentally stumble upon a large quantity of cocaine in a hold-up. This makes them recognizable in the radars of the drug mafia in the city, and they go out on the run.

However, before fleeing the scene, the mafia family captures Shainez, and Liana teams up with Shainez’s skilled embezzler, uncle Mehdi. With more stakeholders entering the equation, the story turns into a spectacular mess in the blink of an eye. Now, to save Shainez, Mehdi and Liana must pull off the impossible heist. The ending of the series is kept open-ended, and you must be thinking about whether a sequel will be made to move the story forward. In that case, let us spill all the beans before you.

Ganglands Season 2 Release Date

‘Ganglands’ released on September 24, 2021, globally on Netflix. Let us now probe into the prospects of a follow-up season of the gritty gangster drama.

The creators have not divulged anything about a second season, and if there is a sophomore installment that is indeed brewing in the distance, we shall know about it soon enough. However, the lack of any official source ostensibly moves the conversation towards a speculative realm. The story was adapted for television by Julien Leclercq and Hamid Hlioua, and the creators loosely based the story on Leclercq’s 2015 feature-length venture ‘The Crew.’

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Although Leclercq himself maintained that the series is neither a sequel nor a prequel to the original movie, the central character of Mehdi ties the stories together.

Now, if we look at the reception, the fans and critics received the show quite well, owing to the visceral and energetic action sequences. However, some were keen to point out the lack of character development, while the series was a bit too heavy on action for some critics. But the series effortlessly mingles genre elements from heist drama and mafia shows, and the final concoction is highly entertaining.

Netflix usually takes a couple of months before renewing a show, predominantly to see how well the title performs. To get a comprehensive reaction from the audience, we have to wait some more.

However, judging just by the genre, action crime shows are prone to have multiple seasons. If we look at ‘Gomorrah,’ the show’s spiritual predecessor of film-to-show format, the acclaimed Italian series spawned four seasons before calling it a day. The show’s ending also suggests some inevitable plot progression, as Sofia gives Saber the idea of spreading their trade network throughout Europe. Mehdi gets shot in combat and is taken to a hospital by Liana and Tony. He lives to see the daylight while Chris and his gang retreat in the aftermath of the war.

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However, the story arcs do not merge even in the end, and they remain separate. This conjecture puts a dent in the development of the hypothetical sequel. It is not clear how the story can be progressed while keeping all the characters in the loop. Therefore, while Mehdi can perhaps pull off some other daring heists in a sequel, the story of Sofia will have to take a separate course. The structuring of the plot would have to be more diversifying, and it does not seem probable.

Therefore, considering all the aspects, it seems highly unlikely that ‘Ganglands’ season 2 will ever be made.

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