Poison Season 2 All Episodes Watch Online Or Download Available On Zee5: Aftab Shivdasani, Riya Sen, Arbaaz Khan

Poison Season 2 All Episodes Watch Online Or Download Available On Zee5: Aftab Shivdasani, Riya Sen, Arbaaz Khan

Poison 2 on Zee5: Poison Season 2 All Episodes Watch Online Or Download Available -- Hindi crime thriller web series, Poison Season 2 episodes have been released to watch or download on the streaming service Zee5 from October 16, 2020. Aftab Shivdasani, Raai Laxmi, Arbaaz Khan, Riya Sen, Pooja Chopra and Rahul Dev can also be seen in the star cast roles.

About Poison 2 Zee5

Poison 2 web series is the first digital debut of actors Aftab Shivdasani and Raai Laxmi. The Zee Originals series is directed by Vishal Pandya and produced by Panorama Entertainment & Bombay Media Works.

The Poison season two storyline follows as Jaiveer is back as Aditya to take revenge from the Josh team i.e. Sara, Harsh and Oscar. The series brings together a plot of revenge filled with deceit, passion, rage, and redemption.

Vin Rana, Zain Imam, Asmita Sood, Karan Veer Mehra, Joy Sengupta, Pawan Chopra, Deepak Chadha, Gaurav Sharma, Taher Shabbir, and Sakshi Pradhan can also be seen in the cast in the season 2 of Poison web series.

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Poison Season 2 All Episodes Complete

Episode 1 – Dark Horse
Sara fires her brother Oscar from the company for swindling funds. Aditya offers a partnership deal to Sara that can be instrumental in her winning the race. Harsh doesn’t trust him, Sara accepts it. Oscar stars searching clues from Aditya’s past.

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Episode 2 – Place Your bets
Oscar and Tony decide to destroy Aditya. IPS Isha lands Goa to solve the mystery of 5-year-old Diamond Robbery. Sara confides in Aditya and kisses him in a weak moment. At the auction, Sara and Aditya lose the racecourse to Oscar.

Episode 3 – Joker In the Pack
Oscar bans Sara’s horse from the race and removes her from the VIP Box. Isha asks Nandu to find out the address of the mining company. Sara leaves Harsh and shifts to Aditya’s house. At the dockyard, Aditya meets tony to make a deal.

Episode 4 – Double Cross
Aditya makes a deal with Tony for his share of ownership at the racecourse. Sara reaches the racecourse where Aditya gifts her the ownership papers in front of Oscar. Oscar, on the other hand, finds out that Aditya is linked to the diamond heist.

Episode 5 – Good Friends Better Enemies
Sara’s house, Rani and goons stop him and threaten to kill Sara, in case he fails to bring tony his gold. Aditya and Tina kill Tony and his men. Nandu informs Isha about Sikander and Jaiveer being together in jail and Aditya being related to Sikander.

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Episode 6 – Once Bitten Twice Bitten
Isha plans to raid and capture the final consignment coming for Aditya. Nandu and Pawan start to suspect Rani as she stops sharing Aditya’s whereabouts. Aditya is confronted by Isha and arrested by her.

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Episode 7 – Deja Vu
During interrogation, Aditya tells Isha that he can prove Jaiveer’s innocence if she gives him a chance to get away. Isha makes Aditya escape and gives him an ultimatum of 24 hrs. Harsh Sara and Oscar return to find Aditya waiting for them.

Episode 8 – Its Show Time
Aditya burns down the JOSH Stables. Harsh and Sara meet the Mumbai Police Commissioner. Isha meets Tina and demands to meet Aditya at once. Tina takes her to a secluded place where she sees Aditya throw Oscar’s car down the cliff.

Episode 9 – Eye for an Eye
Tina is kidnapped by Pawan, Nandu and rani. At the hotel, Commissioner is waiting for harsh to bring money in his room. Aditya frames Harsh in Police Commissioner’s murder. Isha arrests Harsh.

Episode 10 – Check Mate
Sara meets Harsh in prison and asks for the secret code of their casino deal. Harsh tells her to make him come out, or he will take her down. Isha relooks at all the evidence that Oscar made her believe in and sees through. She now believes Aditya is innocent. Aditya plans an escape for Harsh and brings him to Sara. Sara shoots Aditya.

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Episode 11 – Payback is a Bitch
Sara plans to leave the country but fails. Sara is produced in front of the court where Oscar takes all the blame on himself and Harsh. Aditya leaves Sara in a dilapidated house with no money and destroyed life.

All episodes are available in Hindi language audio with English subtitles.

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Poison 2: Is It Available To Download?

If you are a Zee5 Premium subscriber then you can also download Poison Season 2 all episodes and save them to your mobile phone for watch offline. You can buy the Zee5 Premium subscription at a very cheap monthly basis price. After then you can easily download Poison 2 web series full episodes online to your phone.

Poison Season 2: How To Watch?

The Season 2 of Poison web series is all ready, available to watch on Zee5 streaming service from October 16, 2020, officially. You can also watch the previous season 1 on the Zee5 app or website.

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