The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 Release Date, What To Expect And More Everything

The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 Release Date, What To Expect And More Everything

The Masked Singer (US) Season 5 has recently wrapped. Of course, the season had a few bumps with Covid-19. Amidst that, we saw the host Nick Cannon taking a back seat. But like every show out there says, the show must go on, and so did The Masked Singer (US). Niecy Nash filled in shoes for Nick Cannon for a while and the fifth season, much like its previous one, was a success. Now here we are back again to see when The Masked Singer (US) may return with Season 6 in a row to release.

Taking inspiration from the Masked Singer franchise of South Korea. The US version, along with many around the world, has paved success with the intriguing format of the show. It’s funny, intriguing, competitive, and entertaining at the same time. Thus leaving every expert out there on the same level to guess the man singing behind the mask. The fifth season brought in a few extra rules and contestants, and we wonder what’s next for The Masked Singer (US) Season 6. So let’s see what we have here.

The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 Release Date

Looking at the past seasons, The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 is expected to release this year somewhere in September. Officially, well, Fox hasn’t left a word out on the show’s return. But we know how things go for the show. Unlike every other reality show out there, The Masked Singer doesn’t have a yearly run. It comes twice around and keeps the entertainers hooked. So looking at the past, one of the seasons comes early in the year, and the next one comes somewhere late in the year.

The Masked Singer US S06 Release DateFrom The Masked Singer (US) Season, 5 Featuring Masked Contestant and Niecy Nash

For example, the third season of The Masked Singer US came around February of 2020. Then it wrapped up in May 2020. It was quickly picked up by the fourth season the same year in the month of September. That went on to wrap in December. Keeping that in mind, the fifth season of The Masked Singer US came around in March of 2021 before wrapping up in May of 2021.

So we are expecting The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 to follow the same procedure by coming around late this year.

The Masked Singer (US) Season 6: What To Expect In This Season?

Right at the moment, as we said, Fox has announced nothing. Plus, like always, has kept a secret when it comes to the new contestants of The Masked Singer. Furthermore, the fifth season wrapped up just the last month. So it’s obvious for Fox to keep quiet for a few months until we close in. Anyway, still, the show may continue the same format seeing popular celebrities perform in masked avatars. Thus, leaving the panel of judges and audience to guess who that was.

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Apart from the regular format of The Masked Singer (US), Season 6 teases to bring back the wildcard contestants. They look forward to making them a pivotal part of the show moving forward. Jame Breen spoke on this and stated that the wildcards add some unique flavor to the show. Plus, he believes it only works when they bring in something fresh to the table. So they want them to continue this coming seasons, which will include The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 as well.

The Masked Singer US S06 PlotFrom The Masked Singer (US) Season, 5 Featuring Judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke

Coming to the costumes, it is too early to figure out. But we expect The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 to bring new flavors much like its wild card contestants. Something unexpected like the time robotic porcupine came with Tyreese Gibson inside. Coming to the judges and panelists. We expect them mostly to be the same. We haven’t had a change since season 1 of The Masked Singer (US).

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So keeping the above things in mind, Nick Cannon might return to host The Masked Singer (US) Season 6 if he is fit after suffering from Covid-19. The judges joining the show as expected are actor and comedian Ken Jeong, Television’s own  Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, and singers Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke. Also, expect some guest stars to drop by, much like  Joel McHale, Rita Wilson, Rob Wiggle, and Darius Rucker did earlier this season.

So gear up for more surprises like that.

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