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Do you cherish Netflix arrangements? On the off chance that, so you are more likely than not caught wind of the Crime Diaries: The Search, in this post we will cover everything about the show.

At first, we should start with the charming names behind the show.

Crime Diaries is a Mexican drama that is a Dynamo’s Production company project.  The show was released out on 12 June, 2 by NetflixNetflix that focuses on the story of the death of a four years old girl who got disappeared and after some time found dead.

the search netflix

Storyline of “The Search Netflix”

On March 22, 2010, a little girl found reported missing from her hometown Huixquilucan, Mexico. This incident happens when she is coming from a vacation trip with her parents, her mom tried to make her sleep on the bed and that night changes their whole life.

The case was given to Alberto Bazbaz, the State Attorney General, and garnered national attention. The news spreads like a forest fire, it got published in every newspaper and social platform.

Alberto went to the parents of the girl including the nanny to continue the further investigation of the show.

After nine days of her disappearance, the girl found dead and the most shocking thing is that her body is found in her room. This went into the media too, nobody out is believing that how a body could be in a room for nine days and nobody knows about this.

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The Search Netflix-Cast And Characters

The Crime Diaries: The Search has a portion of the extraordinary figures in it, beginning with one of my top picks, Regina Blandón who is seen as the Carolina Tello, the figure inspired by the Lilly Téllez.

Darío Yazbek Bernal as Alberto Bazbaz, Verónica Bravo as Lizette Farah, Adriana Llabrés as Arlette F arah, Diana Bovio

as Amanda de la Rosa, Daniel Haddad as Mauricio Gebara and Adrián Ladrón as Alfredo Castillo are also there in the series with  Ernesto Laguardia as Gilberto Torres and Alejandro Calva as Miguel.

the search netflix

How Many Episode The Seach Have?

The search is a short web series of Netflix that only has six episodes.

  1. “It was Harry Potter”
  2. “I Gotta Feeling
  3. “Climax”
  4. “The Show Must Go On
  5. “Lights, Bed, Action”
  6. “The Burial”

The first two episodes are directed by Santiago Limón, the next too was by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta and then the last two are by Katina Medina Mora.

However, the episodes are written by Santiago Limón y Silvia Jiménez and Fabián Archondo.

Stages Where We Can Watch The Search Rather Than Netflix-

If you are thinking to stream the show on some other platform rather then Netflix then there is no other platform where you can the watch series.

The Search Netflix- Ratings!

The series received critical acclamations because of the poor performance of the show’s character and for it’s its light comedy tone.

The Search is not praised by the audience, According to Google reports, 55% of the Google users liked this TV show.

Getting the evaluations, the IMDb has given this lone 5.5 stars out of 10 from the IMDb nonetheless, different meters haven’t determined the appraisals yet!


The show hasn’t done so well, if you are thinking to watch it, then it’s up to you… but if I were in your place, I would never go for a less-rated show. like then rather than this, I would love to shift to some other series, what about a romantic one like Memories of Alhambra, Love Series, Mismatched Netflix, or simply check out our amazing collection of web series.

Presently I think we need to end the post, do you have anything that you are willing to ask me then you can ping a text in the comment section, we will be there for you to give you an instant solution.

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