Virgin Bhasskar Web Series Season 2 All Episodes Watch Online Or Download Available On Zee5

Starring Anant V Joshi, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Jiya Shankar in Alt Balaji's Virgin Bhasskar Web series season 2 all episodes are now available to watch online or download on streaming service Zee5 from 29 August.

Virgin Bhasskar Cast: Anant V Joshi, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Jiya Shankar, Dherendra Tiwari, Himanshu Arora

Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Directed by Sangeeta Rao, Sakshat Dalvi, the series is about a bad boy Bhasskar Tripathi who is stuck with Love, Sex, Lafda in his life. Will he be able to complete his love story this time, is what the series about.

Virgin Bhasskar season 2 has a total of 12 new fresh episodes, here are the details of them:

Episode No.Title
1Woh Aa Gayi Hai!
2The Bad Boy Is Back
3 Mishra Ki Mishri
4Bad Boy-Bad Girl Ka Kohram
5Mishra Ki 5 Shartein
6Bhasskar aur Pakhi ka special din
7Swabhaav Se Thoda Sharmila Hai
8Panchayati Pyaar
9Bhasskar Ki Bad Girl
10Hum Sex Kar Chuke Hain
11Sex Aur Pyaar Ek Cheez Hai?
12Aatmanirbhar Virgin Bhasskar

What's in S2 Episode 1? A new 'Bad Boy' has entered the competition, Bhasskar is furious. Rohan gives few tips to Bhasskar to spice up his life with Vidhi. Bhasskar arrives at Vidhi’s place but instead finds someone else.

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What's in S2 Episode 2? An outraged Bhasskar crashes into Paakhi and eventually befriends her. Rohan is on his quest for true love. Meanwhile, Vidhi’s father is looking for a potential partner for Vidhi.

What's in S2 Episode 3? Mishra gives valuable lessons about first love to his students of Mishralogy. Meanwhile, Bhasskar attracts a partner for his erotic literature. But Mishra isn’t pleased to meet Bhasskar’s new partner.

What's in S2 Episode 4? Paakhi cracks a deal with Batuknath and convinces Bhasskar to be a part of it. Mishra meets a new student for Mishralogy while spreading his teaching about yoni.

Jiya Sarkar in Virgin Bhasskar Web Series (18+) Season 2 Zee5 ALTBalaji

What's in S2 Episode 5? Mishra keeps his conditions for Bhasskar and Pakhi’s partnership deal. Bhasskar and Pakhi have a small scuffle but stay quiet. Batuknath orders Bhasskar to convince Pakhi to get back.

What's in S2 Episode 6? Mishra befriends the special guest from the previous Mishralogy performance. Bhasskar purchases a gift for Pakhi and takes her out on a date. Rohan and Mishra plan to print an adv. for Bhasskar’s Birthday. Heartbroken Pakhi shares a moment with Bhasskar.

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What's in S2 Episode 7?Mishra, Pakhi and Rohan plan a surprise for Bhasskar, but fate has other plans for them. Rohan runs into a group of men who are searching for Pakhi.

What's in S2 Episode 8? Pakhi's brothers take her and Bhasskar to their house. Vidhi misunderstands the situation. Rohan and Mishra accompany Bhasskar to Pakhi’s house.

What's in S2 Episode 9? Pakhi and her father, along with Abhishek Yada, help Bhasskar and his friends to run away. Bhasskar then arrives at Vidhi’s house to meet her, but instead meets her father.

What's in S2 Episode 10? Bhasskar tries his best to win Vidhi back, but fails. After meeting Keshav, Bhasskar tries to convince him to call off his engagement with Vidhi. Later, Keshav gets into a bind and Bhasskar arrives to his rescue. Will Bhasskar be able to convince Vidhi now?

What's in S2 Episode 11? A dejected Bhasskar returns home with Rohan and Mishra who try to cheer him up. However, he ends up having an argument with Mishra.

What's in S2 Episode 12? Mishra invites Bhasskar to give a speech during his Mishralogy class. Pakhi and Vidhi watch the live feed of Bhasskar’s heartfelt speech and start doubting their decisions. Later, Bhasskar leaves for a much-needed vacation.

AltBalaji's Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 All Episodes Watch Online Or Download Available streaming on Zee5.

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