What Is The Ripper On Netflix About? True-Crime Documentary Is Set To Be Our New Mania

If you enjoy crime documentaries and listen to crime podcasts in your spare time, then you’ll want to know about a new series coming to Netflix This month. The streaming platform is Coming with a crime documentary The Ripper, a docuseries that will take a look at the Yorkshire Ripper investigation. What is the Storyline? What is The Release Date? everything you need to know about the documentary.

About Cast of The Ripper

The Ripper will include interviews with senior police officers, journalists, and family members who were involved and affected by the killings as well as real-life footage from the time of the initial investigation. Peter Sutcliffe as Jack The Ripper.

What's the Story Behind The Yorkshire Ripper?

For those of you who don’t know, The Yorkshire Ripper was an English serial killer who murdered 13 women between 1975 and 1980. He also attempted but failed to kill seven others. His nickname is a reference to the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper, an unidentified serial killer who committed their killing spree in London in 1888.

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The Yorkshire case was notable because the West Yorkshire Police were criticized for being unprepared for such an important investigation, which was one of the largest ever conducted by a British police force. The case predated the use of computers, so a lot of details about the case were stored inefficiently, making the transfer of information that much harder. This will chronicle the turbulent investigation.

The killer, who was eventually discovered to be a man named Peter Sutcliffe, was actually interviewed by the police nine times, but the investigator’s ineffectiveness let him slip through the cracks.

Is There Any Trailer For Crime Documentary The Ripper?

Yeah, We have a official trailer is here, you can watch it down below:

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What Is The Release Date For The Ripper? How To Watch?

The Ripper will premiere on Netflix worldwide on Wednesday, December 16 at 1:30 PM IST. You can watch it only on Netflix

The news of the show’s release was announced after the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ died, aged 74.

The entire series will drop in one go on the platform, which means true-crime fans will be able to watch the gripping series in one go over the festive period.

This documentary was made by the same team behind Don’t F**K with Cats, which gripped the world last December when it arrived on Netflix.

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