Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Release Date: When Is Coming In India

Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Release Date: When Is Coming In India

Ever since Krafton launched Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in India, players have been asking will the Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite also launch in India. We will be looking at an answer for this and help you to know the BGMI Lite Launch date in India. For those who forgot, On 2nd September 2020, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in India. This was because the game was suspicious of sending user data to the Chinese database. After looking into the issue, Krafton broke the tie-up with Tencent and launched Battlegrounds Mobile India. BGMI game was launched in India as early access on 17th June 2021.

The game was later opened to the public on 18th June and was officially launched on 2nd July. As of now, the game has crossed more than 35 million downloads since its launch and has active users of more than 18 million. This indicates how much popular Battlegrounds Mobile India is in India.

Before the ban, there was also a huge player base for PUBG Mobile Lite also. The main feature of this game was that it had all the main essence of the original PUBG Mobile but with a liter version. It only required 1 GB ram and had attracted many mobile gamers with low-end devices. But after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton was silent regarding BGMI Lite. And it seems like we finally have an answer for the BGMI Lite Release date in India, which we will be covering in this article.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Release Date In India

As we have said, even though Krafton has launched Battlegrounds Mobile India in India. But they are very much silent about the question regarding the BGMI Lite Launch date in India. They aren’t either accepting or denying that there is a game called BGMI Lite from Krafton in the future. It’s only available for Android, but Krafton has confirmed that the game will be released pretty soon for IOS users. Interestingly, Krafton hasn’t even released Battlegrounds Mobile India for IOS.

We are hoping that they will shift their focus to developing BGMI Lite after launching BGMI for IOS. There have also been rumors that Krafton is also busy with the development of PUBG New State, a new age version of PUBG. It is pretty sure that PUBG New State won’t be launching in India as this game was developed in partnership with Tencent.

So we may see an Indian version of New State in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India New State. If that is in Krafton’s timeline, then the development of BGMI Lite will further slow down. But we are hoping that the game is still under Krafton’s timeline. Even after the developers sit around for the game’s development, it will still take time since the game will be first tested in Alpha, followed by various beta stages.

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And only after that, the game will be released to the public. Those who are unable to wait can get into the Alpha, Beta, or even the Early Acess stages. But do note that these versions are called with that names for a reason, but they do have their own issues.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite

Till we get any updates regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite Launch in India, we would suggest checking out BGMI. It seems like Krafton has done some optimizations, especially for India. If you are playing PUBG, you will be able to transfer your official data to BGMI. For that, players need to either link their Facebook or Twitter account with the PUBGM account and then access BGMI to transfer the game files.

BGMI has been widely receiving good responses from both the players as well as critiques.

But unfortunately, you won’t be able to transfer your PUBG Lite data to BGMI. BGMI has been widely receiving good responses from both the players as well as critiques. As we have said before, Krafton Inc, The South Korean company, is still in the process of developing BGMI for iOS users.

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