Sly Cooper 5 Game Release Date, Rumors, Spoilers

Every year people expect new games from the developers or a sequel to a certain game. The gaming community has grown so much in just a decade. It is hard for developers to keep up with the pace at which gamers finish a game and start another one. And even if they are developing a new game, it is not easy to just announce it before even testing it. At such times, some sneaky people rise to the need of the players and provide them with information regarding any game they want. They are called Leakers. In this article, we will be talking about Sly Cooper 5 and also be discussing whether it is in development or not.

Most of the time, the information provided by the leakers is not backed with proof. It is just their word that we have to trust on. And when they get proof, voila! We have a new game coming, and the rumors were indeed true. However, it is not always rainbows and clear skies. Sometimes the rumor or the leak turns out to be false. Sometimes the project gets scrapped or shelved for release much later than the rumored date. The same can be said for Sly Cooper 5.

Sly Cooper is a stealth platform game developed by Sucker Punch Studios. Now you may remember the Sucker Punch Studios as the developers of Ghost Of Tsushima and the Infamous game series. Coming back to the Sly Cooper, it was first released in 2002. Followed by the Sly 2: Band of Thieves in 2004 and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves in 2005. For the fourth installment of the game, Sucker Punch was not directly involved in the development. Without any further delay, let’s look at some rumors surrounding Sly Cooper 5.

Sly Cooper Game Development

Sly Cooper is a story about the title character, a young Raccoon who is a descendent of master thieves. The whole Cooper family is very well known for only and only stealing from thieves itself, never a common folk. Moreover, they pass down their adventure and techniques in a book called “Thievius Raccoonus.” Sly works with his two partners, Bentley, who is a turtle that acts as the brains of the gang. Another one is Murray, a hippo, who is the getaway driver of the team and muscleman. On the journey, they are pursued by Inspector Carmelita Fox of Interpol, who happens to be the love interest of Sly.

Sly Cooper 5 Game Release Date, Rumors, SpoilersSly Cooper with his partners Bentley and Murray

As we mentioned earlier, Sly Cooper is a game that was initially developed by Sucker Punch Studios. They made three installments for the game. The fourth one, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, was developed by Sanzaru Games. Upon asking the idea behind the game, one of the founders, Brian Fleming, said that the idea of a raccoon wearing a mask was funny to them. They approached the publishers (PlayStation) first and then started working on the game.

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As we know, the game was targeted towards younger players. And so the Sucker Puch team was worried about Sly Cooper being a thief. The game would give the wrong message that stealing is acceptable. The writers came to rescue and introduced Sly as a thief who only steals from other thieves. They even came up with a made-up Latin word called “Thievius Raccoonus,” which is also the name of the first game. The game was finally released in 2002 and was a hit, selling 1 million copies.

Sly Cooper 5 Rumors And Spoilers

Sucker Punch supposedly doing something with the Sly Cooper series from GamingLeaksAndRumours

Now for those who don’t know, Nick has made many many fair and true claims in the past. He is the most trusted leaker in the game. He correctly assumed the name of the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. As mentioned earlier, Ghost of Tsushima is a Sucker Punch game and Nick being right about his leak for the same studio would point to the fact that he might be right this time around too. Another funny thing that happened was, PlayStation seemed to have teased us a bit. In their PlayStation Showcase 2021 [ENGLISH] video on YouTube, you can see the Sly Cooper emblem at 1:11 mark.

Sly Cooper 5: Rumors And LeaksSly Cooper teased at PlayStation Showcase 2021


Now, even other leakers are supporting the claims of there being a new Sly Cooper game. But the only thing is, not everyone is 100 percent certain. They all have advised their followers to take this information with a grain of salt as it might not very well be true. Along with that, Nick also claimed that Sucker Punch Studios might not even be involved in the production of the game. Even PlayStation teased us, players, all around the world with the Sly Cooper emblem. But who knows, they might just be taking a trip down memory lane.

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All we can say for now is, PlayStation video might just be a piece of circumstantial evidence. But it is proof enough to keep our hopes up and just pray for the possibility of there being a fifth Sly Cooper game. As advised, take it with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed as of now. Until then, keep playing, keep reading with us at

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