30 Apple iPhone Apps should immediately Uninstall them, Know the reason

30 iPhone Apps should immediately Uninstall them, Know the reason

If you are an Apple iPhone user, then this news can be of great use to you. Researchers at Sophos Lab have advised iPhone users to immediately uninstall 30 apps from their phones. Actually, the use of the apps that have been said to be uninstall made the lives of users much easier, but now their absence can cause a lot of trouble.

Researchers advised iPhone users to remove 30 apps from their smartphones

Sophos Lab researchers have asked iPhone users to remove apps such as Sear App, Self Art, Palmistry Decoder, Lucky Life, Life Chemistry, Pixjoy, Aging Sear, Face Aging Scan, Face Reader, Video Recorder, QR Code Reader And apps like Max Volume Booster.

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In such a situation, if you have these one apps in your Apple smartphone then you need to look at these apps on your Apple iPhone. According to the researchers, there are 30 apps in the Apple Store that use Planisware technology, not only that, most of these apps charge up to $30 per month after three to seven trials. In such a situation, the pockets of iPhone users can be affected.

The thing to note is that if a user keeps paying this fee for one year, then he may have to pay up to $468 for an app. Most of these include image editor, horoscope, prediction app, QR code, and barcode scanner and face filter app. They are said to be free but after installing, they charge a lot of money.

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