6 New Mind-blowing Features From Google For Every Android Users

Google released the top 6 new features for android users this summer. Google android program manager Fiona Lee announced new features for users' safety. From keeping users account password safe to scheduling text messages to send at the right moment with the new updates. So Google announced with new 6 updates for android users' safety.

1. Android Earthquake Alerts System Is Rolling Out Globally

Last year Google announced a large Earthquake alert system based on android devices. With this free android application people in the affected area can get alerts seconds before an earthquake and giving advanced notice regarding safety. Recently Google launched the application in New Zealand, Greece & other nations with higher earthquake risk.

2. 'Star' important in the Google Messages app

Now the google messenger users mark 'star' the important messages and chat with the new update. There are numbers of messages from different people and family with numbers of conversation. So this makes important messages viewable easily. 'Star' your important messages and find them in starred category easily and fast.

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3. Find the perfect Emoji Kitchen sticker

Contextual Emoji Kitchen schemes are available in G-board beta and will reach the permanent version of the keyboard app this summer for messages written in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on devices running Android 6 and above. The instructions will help you discover the perfect emoji sequence once you've typed a message, something that goes with what you wrote of course.

4. Access favorite apps with just your voice

You can now ask Google to open or search your favorite apps using your voice. For example, you can say th ings like, “Hey Google, open my app” to jump right into the app and perform the assignment, or “Hey Google, check my miles on Strava” to instantly see your weekly process right on the device screen.

5. Improved Password Input and gaze detection on Voice Access

Voice Access now has gaze detection in beta, so you can ask the feature to work only when you're looking at the screen. Voice Access gives you quick and effective phone and app navigation with just your voice. It's also got improved password input too. When it identifies a password track, it lets you input letters, numbers, and symbols.

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6. More on Android Auto

Lastly, the Android Auto experience is more customizable. You can personalize your launcher screen from your phone and manually set dark mode. It's easier to browse content too, with new tabs in media apps, a "back-to-top" option, and an A to Z key in the scroll bar. If you're setting up Android Auto for the first time, that process is now faster.

These were the top six features of Google Android New 6. Hope you were never known these and helps you to know your Android more.

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