Redmi Note 10S And Realme 8: Which Is Better? Full Hands-On Comparison, Review

Which are the best budget smartphones under 15000? Yes, there are two monster phones right now in the market - Redmi Note 10S And Realme 8. Today, we are going to compare these phones as we were getting a lot of questions. Should you go with Realme 8 Or Redmi Note 10S? By the end of this article, you’ll know which phone you should buy.

Redmi Note 10S Or Realme 8: Which One is Good For You? Which One Should You But?

Here are quick details and reviews where I had performed full hands-on both phones Redmi Note 10s and Realme 8 so that you can decide which is a good phone for you under Rs 15000.

Redmi Note 10S And Realme 8: Design

Flashy silver with Dare To Leap branding on Realme 8 and Redmi Note 10S is understated. Both are unique and are targeted to different groups of people It depends on you.. which one would you prefer?

Talking about the in-hand feel - it's very similar. Generally, Redmi phones are quite big and hefty but not with this one. Realme 8 is lighter and smaller so it feels slightly better in hand. The sides on Realme 8 are also flat so even without using a cover it doesn't feel like you'll drop it. So that is good. One more thing..this Dare To Leap glossy side is a fingerprint there are going to be some fingerprints.

Both get a 3.5 mm jack, secondary noise-canceling mic. IR blaster is present only on the Redmi Note 10S.

Redmi Note 10S Vs Realme 8: Display

Redmi Note 10S has a 6.43’’ display whereas Realme 8 gets 6.4’’. Both have AMOLED 60 Hz panel, protection wise - Note 10S gets Gorilla Glass 3 and Realme 8 gets Dragontrail protection And both have different placements for punch holes - center on Redmi and on left on Realme.

Comparism Photo: Redmi Note 10s And Realme 8

Redmi Note 10S doesn't have an in-display fingerprint sensor, gets a side-mounted sensor whereas Realme 8 gets an in-display fingerprint and which is good.

Processor And Performance

Let's talk about specifications - Both get Helio G95 SoC which is a very capable SoC especially in the 10-15K price segment. Variants of both phones are a very different Base variant of Realme 8 has 4GB+128GB whereas Note 10S has 6GB+64GB variant, both priced at 14,999 INR Now. Realme has recently discounted 500 Rs on Realme 8 and is now available for Rs 14,499.

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Both have the same RAM type, in storage type - Realme has UFS 2.1 while Redmi has UFS 2.2.

Redmi Note 10S Or Realme 8: Battery Performance

Not much of a difference but Redmi will be slightly faster In terms of battery again they’re very similar with 5000 mAh. Note 10S gets 33W charging and Realme 8 supports 30W. But while charging you won't notice much difference.

Sensors, Software, UI Difference

Talking about sensors, connectivity both are very similar. In fact, we’ve done the unboxing videos of both these phones. IR blaster you get as extra on Note 10S so that is good.

Now let's come to software and UI - On Note 10S you get MIUI 12.5 which is an improved version of MIUI with slightly streamlined and optimised so that is good. But talking about experience, I’ll go with Realme UI 2.0.

Both of them are good but Realme UI 2.0 is slightly better. Yes, you do get third-party apps on both of these phones which can be uninstalled and both of them have system apps that will keep sending you notifications.

Redmi Note 10S And Realme 8 Camera Difference: Whose Camera Is Better?

The camera is a very important aspect. It is made or a brake. Yes! Many people make buying decisions on the basis of the camera.

Here is a Quick camera specs: Both phones get 64MP + 8MP+ 2MP+ 2MP setup. On the front Realme gets an IMX 471 16MP shooter while the Note 10S gets a 13 MP selfie camera. What about actual photos. The colors on Note 10S are slightly off. In terms of dynamic range, colors in daylighting conditions.

I personally really liked the photos taken from Realme 8 If we talk about low light photos. Redmi Note 10S photos are overall brighter but they are fuzzy and unusable. Seriously! Whereas Realme 8 photos come out a bit dark but have more details In low light you get starry mode on Realme 8 that keeps the shutter open for a longer time.

Remember your phone need to be stable using this mode or else it’ll result in blurry photos In most of the cases, Note 10S colors felt warm that's for sure. If there's one thing in which Note 10S beats Realme 8 is Macro. But overall if you look at colors, dynamic range. I’ll definitely say the photos of Realme 8 come out slightly better One more thing I need to add, the camera app you get on Realme 8 has more features: tilt-shift photography, pro mode, the starry mode which aren't available on Note 10S.

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But I’ll tell you what overall if I talk about photos, post-processing, features. Apart from macro mode, I like the camera more on the Realme 8.

Multimedia Difference

Let's talk about multimedia: very similar experience but because of stereo speakers on the Note 10S, the audio felt better on Redmi. If you look at the multimedia screen, brightness, viewing angles, colors you’ll find both of them similar with screen size also being similar. Overall multimedia on Note 10S will be slightly better And yes, you even get IP 53 certification on Note 10S which generally is not present in sub 15K phones but the Note 10S gets it.

Final Conclusion: Which Is Better Redmi Note 10S Or Realme 8?

Finally what I think - Note 10S is priced at 15000 while Realme 8 is 500 Rs cheaper at Rs 14,499. If I talk about display then with in-display fingerprint sensor, I’ll say Realme 8. But this has 2GB less RAM but 64GB more storage so it is up to you That you want more storage or more RAM.

Overall camera is what is important to you then I’ll say Realme 8 and performance are absolutely similar on both the phones, battery, charging are also very similar. If camera and display are important then because of that Reame 8 looks slightly better than Redmi Note 10S.

You can buy these phones from Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital Store, You can search here for buying links here in this quick search box. Type " Redmi Note 10s Buy Links " Or "Realme 8 Buy links" and search the products where these phones will be available.

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