Samsung Galaxy S10 Reviews After Using Three Weeks - Is it a perfect smartphone?


It's actually been three weeks now, that I've been using the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone right here. Of course the Galaxy S10, I mean I've just been living with this phone. this has been my phone has the SIM card in it. I took photos, I lived to live, I sent tweets, WhatsApp, Slack, email whatever other apps. this was my smartphone of choice for the last three weeks. I have some feelings about it that I think you need to know about there are some things. I like there are some things, I don't like any smartphone out there. I chose to use the standard Galaxy S10, not the Galaxy S10 Plus. I just feel like this is a nice form factor. I kind of like the circular cutout as opposed to the larger one. I mean look, it's your choice, if you want a bigger display, you go for the plus otherwise they're basically the same first things. Let's see the all-new Samsung Galaxy S10 Reviews After Using Three Weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Reviews After Three Weeks later

At first, what are you looking at, what greets you when you unlock this phone, it's a display. I mean that's gonna satisfy. Anyone in a smartphone universe, anyone in the segment, any fan that's out there you, your nephew, your aunt, your uncle, if you want maybe the best display in the smartphone game then you go with this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Full Reviews: Hands-On

I mean that's pretty standard stuff you already knew it. I have a case on this phone so it kind of diminishes the edge a little bit after all Samsung has been curving these edges for a while now. some people love it, some people less. So actually I really like this case, I forget the name of it got enough Amazon genuine leather. See more- Latest Mobiles and tech gadgets.

Galaxy S10 Cameras Reviews After Using Three Weeks

Yeehaw ladies and gentlemen, we now have more cameras than ever. That's correct, that's three lenses on the back of course. You're getting a wider angle view with these I used it. I used that feature. I love that feature, in fact, the front-facing camera on this device is wider than I expected as well so it's versatile. you can get a lot of shots, of course, the camera itself incredible in a number of different circumstances with or without the wide. It's one of the best performers out there that I've used recently.

Photo: Samsung Galaxy S10

I want to put white at pixel level just the software, the isolation, the portrait effect and so on not that. I use that very much, I mean for me this camera it's an easy pick kind of like.

Galaxy S10 Wireless Charging, Sharing Reviews after 3 Weeks later

The display again not much of a surprise here in Samsung's flagship device. You recall that this one features, wireless charging, also wireless charge sharing. I'm a big fan of that. It is a cool feature to have now. Normally I'd say that's just a novelty. You're not gonna use it very often but in conjunction with the Galaxy Buds. This could be a feature that you use on a frequent basis. if you choose those earbuds to go with this phone while we're on the outside surroundings of the device. Here I should also talk about the button over here, that's the big speed button. Not a fan of big speed myself, I'm never gonna use it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Bixby

It has recently become remappable so you can switch it to something else other than a Bixby launcher that said. it will still launch Bixby on a long press. you can't, you just can't completely get rid of Bixby. there's always some sort of hook, some sort of compromise. so Bixby is still there but the button is a little easier to live with considering the fact that you can at least remap the single press for whatever app launch.

S10's Sound, Audio, Speakers Review

You want to have happened the headphone jack that's right. The Galaxy S10 maintains the headphone jack. It's a tiny little piece to add to the motherboard of the device and so do it if you have a big phone. Anyway, I like it, I like having it. They're okay now, what about the speaker on par sort of with many of the other flagships that are out there. It's the best that I've tested. There have been some loud ones come through here but this is clear. you're gonna be satisfied with it as far as. I'm concerned now another thing.

Satisfied with Notch? Like It Or Not? - Face Unlocking

A lot of questions about this that the circular cutout, the pinhole, hole punch. A lot of people asking me, how much is that affecting you? are you a fan of it? how does it compare to the notch? I prefer it to be honest, if you're gonna give me this or a notch, I'll take this now grant it. I do feel the need to say like when it comes to face unlock for example there's way less tech in here than in the iPhone notch on the iPhone 10/10S.

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You can't really compare them one to one. This is less secure for face unlock but again I'm not using face unlock anymore so you decide how big of a deal that is to you .but this is just taking up so much less space than the average. Not and then on top of that by pushing it over in the corner for whatever reason. it just feels less abrasive to your day-to-day functionality like I mean you see it. It's big but your eyes are kind of used to seeing stuff up in this corner, anyways with the battery indicator and the Wi-Fi connection and so on and whatever other notification indicators you have up there.

S10 Fingerprint Scanner Review

So you're kind of pre-programmed to expect to stuff up in the corner and maybe that has something to do with why this is less offensive. Not just for me but a lot of other people have said the same thing. I'm taking this over the notch, any day of the week. I'm fully on the fingerprint train now because everybody has an opinion about this fingerprint. You see all the comic people you're holding it too long. look we shouldn't have to have a conversation about how to use a fingerprint? People gonna pick it up and go to put their finger on it, that's regular human beings' behavior. It doesn't work a hundred percent of the time, still not as rock-solid as a phone with a rear capacitive fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy S10 Reviews: Fingerprint Scanner, Battery Performace

This is the future. This is what we're living with. It's a screen unlocked. I mean it's cool, it's magical. The old fingerprint scanner in the back really that offensive.

How was Battery Performance?

Battery life on this device has been amazing. There's never been a day where I had to recharge before the evening and be really impressed by that performance. It's super snappy as expected.

Everything is moving beautifully it means the latest flagship specs, I turned off Bixby from the left swipe so now, I guess, I got nothing going on. I got the dark mode turned on. I adapted quite nicely to the one UI Samsung's latest skin which is like not even offensive anymore. Of course, I had to change the buttons the nav buttons on the bottom to be the right way.

Galaxy S10 Overall Review after Using Three Weeks

It charges Wireless or charges quick over USB type-c, one of the best displays in the game, one of the best cameras in the game with the versatility of the wide-angle. It's kind of exactly what you expect it to be. It's as good as you expect it to be so of course at this point the conversation just comes down to cause the idea of the flagship price tag. It's not like an equivalent exchange of value like you're not paying two or three hundred more and necessarily getting two or three hundred back in terms of value. I just came off the One plus 6T for example and didn't really change my daily life with the exception, probably of wireless charging and maybe being bothered a bit less by the location of the cutout. If you feel like you want this phone just understand why you're buying it.

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Should I buy a Galaxy S10? Worth it?

You're kind of in the same territory as an iPhone buyer, just on the Android side, that's really what this is. It's like an iPhone, for Android users because if I'm in the One Plus department, I can get two of those almost for the price of this and get a new one for two years or every year and a half or something like that, instead of having this product right here. The budget is a big factor in whether or not this is a good decision for you. If you've got a lot of budgets, I'd say go for it. You will love this phone. I'm enjoying using this phone now. There is a question about whether or not this S10 vs S10e

to get some people have made the case, that the s10e is actually the value point. They might be right I mean it definitely gets closer to some of those competitive products at the $500-$600 price point. It's in a weird space, it's not a really premium, it's not really budget, it's not really mid-range, maybe I'll switch to that one next from this, I think this experience straight into the Galaxy s10e experience will give me a nice one-two punch of like.

Did I notice the difference? Was I impacted in a big way? Do I feel like I'm missing something? Maybe that's the next phone for me, nonetheless, you will be happy with this If you can pay the price if you can foot the bill. So that's the Samsung Galaxy s10. it's been like three weeks and I don't think you'll be disappointed if you buy it but your wallet definitely will. Want to Buy, Click Here to go on Amazon. - The New Era Of Media And Entertainment