Why Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

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Recently smartphone built company Samsung launched a super cool beast mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, with a 108 MP main camera with an impressive 100x zoom capability. Because Samsung is well known for camera work so we can say it would be so cool to capture photos, portraits and click professional-like photos. Although Galaxy S20 series having other similar phones as Galaxy S20, S20+. All three phones are quite similar just some impressive smaller tweaks and improvements. So Let’s just talk about a quick little thing about why I actually like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Why you should buy this phone? What are the plus things? Advantages, Disadvantages, price, Review, camera review, etc.

Why choose Galaxy S20 Ultra beast Phone?

There are a few guys out there that dislike it simply because it just doesn’t really have a major upgrade from the S10 series. I don’t really blame me because the design alone does look very similar and a lot of people saying that you are paying an insane premium with a Galaxy S10 being super cheap right now because of the depreciation rate. You could literally cop like an S10 series smartphone for like five six seven hundred dollars and whereas the Samsung Galaxy S20 is like a $1000 and above flagship device.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Galaxy S20 Ultra one just simply has a really good display. There are a few elements to it you do have to be 120 Hertz screen which does drain a lot of battery but it is interchangeable and Samsung’s own AI system will change it back and forth which is very good.

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Let’s say you’re reading emails, there’ll be 60 Hertz, if you’re watching movies and videos or if you’re doing Adobe or games it will switch to 120 Hertz. There’s a splice super dynamic fluid and it’s just really good to look at with a much higher screen spotting ratio.

You also do have a brand new camera model. This is another thing that you’re paying for a brand new camera module to make one of the best pictures. I feel like Samsung has one of the best hardware for their device with a brand new ultra-wide-angle lens telephoto lens. It also has this really insane space zoom as well to do all your photography needs.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Super Pros

These are some of the super cool features in the Galaxy S20 Ultra mobile phone after that you can not stop to buy this fully feature loaded phone. The phone is itself a beast.

  1. Core Exynos/Snapdragon 865 hardware and RAM.
  2. 6.9-inch 120Hz Infinity-O display.
  3. 5000 Mah Battery.
  4. 108MP main camera, 48MP 10x telephoto, 12MP ultra-wide, ToF.
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Thus the majority of the stuff that you’re really paying for, is a display and also the cameras and then the snapdragon 865 processor also the 5g component with it. It’s actually a pretty good smartphone but if you really want a device with a brand new fresh and vibrant screen and design you probably should skip the Galaxy S20 and maybe just by the budget-friendly S10 but if you guys really value display, speed and also camera like a lot then this smartphone is definitely a must get. Yes, It is pretty pricey but it’s well worth it and I really love the smartphone.

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