TikTok Pro A Scam, Don’t Download From a WhatsApp Link, Could Be Malware

TikTok Pro A Scam, Don't Download From a WhatsApp Link, Could Be Malware
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TikTok Pro Malware App, which can steal all your phone information and data, which can possibly be spread through fake Apps on WhatsApp groups that are being passed off as TikTok, warned by the Maharashtra cyber cell for people safety. Tiktokers and Indians teens want to get back TikTok after the government banned the Chinese apps, are downloading it from fake links, which is widely shared on WhatsApp group chats, and this is leaving them vulnerable to malware. It would be a threat scam, to takes advantage of people whose favourite apps got removed after the recent ban on 59 Chinese apps in India, including TikTok, Turbo VPN, Shein, Club Factory, ShareIt, and many more.

New TikTok Pro Scam: Fake TikTok Malware App

The Maharashtra govt has advised the users against this malware app as it can steal your data and all the sensitive information from the phone. The TikTok Pro name, malware app looks just similar to the original TikTok app. It asks for permissions for the camera, image gallery, mic, among other things.

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While many of the 59 Chinese apps banned by the government had a lot of users, none is as popular as TikTok, and in its absence, so many Indian alternatives are trying to get that app again. Facebook’s Instagram also launched a TikTok alternative, Reels in India. Despite this, the government had to warn people about this malware app, that shows how popular TikTok appears to be in India.

The Maharashtra Cyber cell tweeted to warn people about this new TikTok Pro Malware scam. The government advisory said– people are now taking advantage of the popularity of TikTok by promoting a malware app called “TikTok Pro“. The offenders are calling TikTok Pro an alternative to the banned app. They are sending text messages via various social media platforms, encouraging users to download the app from external links.

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What is the message shared on TikTok Pro malware app?

The fake app message reads, “Enjoy TikTok videos and also make creative videos again. Now TikTok is only available in (Tiktok pro) So Download from below: Link.

What the Government has advised?

The government advised citizens not to click on that link or download any APK files of the banned apps as they could be a source of malware.

See the Cyber cell tweet down below:


Office of the Special Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra Cyber, has also listed some cautionary steps to practice to avoid being scammed into downloading the TikTok Pro malware app.

Not clicking on unverified links and downloading APK files, the cyber cell also advises users to just delete any message that reads like the one above, and not forwards it to others.

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What Users need to Check Before?

Furthermore, they said that any link that begins with ‘http://‘ is considered not secure for communication of private and sensitive information. Ensure that every link you click on begins with ‘https://‘. And always double-check if the app is listed on Google Play store or not and also read the reviews before installing any app. In this case of the TikTok Pro fake app, you will see that the app is not listed on the Play store and hence the cyber cell advises people not to download it from any external sources.

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